Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Kolby's Trip

A stitching update!
Kolby's Trip around the World is coming along.
The last full row marks the halfway point.
Every evening I stitch one block and then lay out the next in the pattern.
There's been some unsewing on this one, sigh. 
So easy to get the pieces sewn together in the wrong order.
Once I even sewed the next strip to the WRONG side of the growing block!
I'm liking it though!
I hope I still like making these when I've done four.

The set up of the studio is moving along.
I'm folding fabric.
I think tomorrow I may be able to take photos of it,
crossing my finger for that!


Charlene S said...

Love the color.

a good yarn said...

I agree with Charlotte, the colour is fantastic. Not surprising that it's easy to get the blocks out of whack. Sounds like you have quite a bit of fabric.

Chookyblue...... said...

This is looking great..... Good to hear the studio is progressing......