Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dance recitals, Flying and Sharks

Nora in her Tap costume!

I'm home from San Diego now, kinda missing them already!
On Saturday and Sunday Nora had dance recitals-Ballet on Saturday, Jazz and tap on Sunday.
She looks so old all decked out with make up and everything!
Both recitals were quite good and lots of fun.
The littles are always so cute!

At Rubios she kept us quite entertained with the veil on her hat!
After Sunday's recital and Diner at Rubios we went for another walk on the beach.
Out to some of the tide pools, got good and wet!
Then it was off for more dessert! 
I should have gained 5 pounds but I guess all the walking kept that down, whew.

I flew home on Monday.
Left the hotel wearing a tank, overshirt and sweatshirt.
Temp in the 60's I think.
Arrived back in Kansas City to 90's and humidity.
Shed clothes down to the Tank.

For the first time in many trips I had a window seat and with the eye surgery I could see
all the drainage and rocks clearly.
Really incredible views.
Left the high desert of San Diego where things are brown unless watered 
and flew into the green.
Watched the section lines appear as roads straight as can be.
Then the appearance of the rivers with trees on both sides.
I do love the green.

Yesterday, and today I have Mr Ethan for a few hours.
He is a shark!

I'm back to trying to establish reasonable habits for a healthy lifestyle,
This week I'm all about creating good sleep habits!

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a good yarn said...

My word those gorgeous grandchildren are growing up so fast. Nora looks delightful in her dance costume and my what a lovely hat.