Saturday, June 24, 2017

Brain storms!

Tablecloth clip

I've  been fighting the pin basting of Sparkling Nines 
(thank you for that name Ann!)

I don't have floor space large enough to pin that way~
Not to mention my creaky old knees!
Anyway, I baste on my table.
A soft yellow pine trestle table that my father made back in 1967~ 
think it qualifies as an antique?
Its so soft that if you write on paper without something under it you have your shopping list immortalized in wood.
That being the case several years ago I bought a piece of heavy glass to cover the top.
All well and good 
Fabric slips and slides all over the place!
I finally had all the layers flat (I thought) and most of the pins in when I discovered~
You guessed it huge wrinkles in the backing.
Out came all the pins.
I needed a way to make the layers stay put until I had the pins in.
Then I had an idea!
Oh no, not that!
I could use the clips I have for holding tablecloths on picnic tables!
Problem with that 
Mine are in the trailer, sigh.
Quick trip to Walmart.
Much walking around inside.
Finally found them in Sporting Goods!
They came in packages of 6 so I bought 3 thinking I might need 18.
Used 17.
I thought I might have a whole lot of tablecloth clips if this didn't work 
but they were inexpensive so why not?

This the the way the quilt looked when all the layers where put together.

First, I used the clips to flatten the back out and hold it in place.
Then I laid out the batting.
No slipping.
Reached under the batting to carefully move the clip to include the batting.
Laid the top on.
No slipping.
Smoothed out the top, carefully moved the clips again.
 Only problem, 
My fingers are sore!
This was pretty tight!

Once pinned I took a look at the back~

I will definitely do this from now on, so much simpler.

My brainstorm actually worked!
(That hardly ever happens.)


a good yarn said...

Brilliant solution! As I read your post I was thinking of those clips builders use to hold wood together but I guess they would be more expensive. I think you Dad's table qualifies as vintage - antique needs to be 100 years plus. Something to aim for. I quite like the idea of *vintage* shopping lists recorded in the timber. I think you chose a super name (glad to have prompted the idea). It's such a lovely quilt.

Charlene S said...

I think I will have to go find some of those clips!