Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tuesday's Endeavors

I tried yesterday to add a post but my new internet connection just kept dropping off.  It was so slow I gave up!  Today, for no particular reason it seems to be working much better-go figure.  My oldest geek boy says that computers hiccup so I guess that's what happened.

I am down to the last bit of the kitchen boxes that I could easily find. Everything has to be washed after spending 5 months being packed and in storage so it's taking forever to put things away.  The dishwasher has run almost constantly for two days.  At least tomorrow I should be able to clear the counters and move on.  I am missing quite a few things that I know go into the kitchen, guess I'll run onto them as I sort through the boxes.

I moved all the empty boxes and totes to the basement for the time being.  Adding empties to the garage would just be insane!

Tomorrow, I'm headed up into the studio on and off.  It will be easier as nothing will be washed just put into clean drawers and onto shelves.  It's just toting all the boxes up the stairs that will be tiring.

It has turned cold again, more normal, Quinn is spending more time in the house.  I am really looking forward to the fence being finished the end of the month so I can just open the door for her!  She will love being off leash!

Time to fold/hang some clean clothes while I listen to the TV!


a good yarn said...

So many boxes! Still, it must be nice to be sleeping in your own bed. Making a coffee or snack without tripping over things. Quinn seems to have settled well.

Charlene S said...

That elephant is getting smaller - one box at a time! Internet service does have hiccups often down here too.

Chookyblue...... said...

Keep chipping away at the unpacking and sorting.......