Sunday, December 31, 2017

Good-bye 2017!

One year ago today I spent my first night in this house!
Much has happened since then.
Cataract surgery,
finished 6 quilts,
Tanya Graduated College!
Ethan started Kindergarten,
Camping, floating and an eclipse,
return to volunteering at the Trails Museum,
Semi-finished the basement into my studio.
I really love this house!
The openness of the great room (behind those really tall windows on the left) is great when the family is here. I can cook and still be a part of everything going on.
I do wish the garage was long enough for the truck-I only need about 6 more inches!
There are, of course, things to be done.
I pulled out all the carpet on the first floor and hope to put down hardwood in 2018.
Both bathrooms need new counters and lights.
The hot water heater needs replacing-going tankless!
Some gardening to give the place more curb-appeal.
Still not so much when I compare it to the never ending list at the old house!

I don't make resolutions but I do make a list of intentions and a list of things I hope to accomplish.
I never complete the lists, sigh.
It just gives a framework for the coming year.
With what they call Inattentive ADHD a framework is helpful along with lots of timers/alarms.
Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project suggests choosing a word for the year-
for me that word will be FINISH.
So many things to finish.
Once again it is my intention to blog every day!

Here's hoping 2018 is better on the political front (so I can quit being disgusted), that the weather will be agreeable-not too wet/dry; hot/cold, that good health is enjoyed by all.
Most of all that love and peace will visit us all.

Friday, December 29, 2017

UN-time Days 3 and 4

I phoned the hospital, again, to get copies of a CT scan done early in the month.
Was to have been sent to my MD.
Was sent to some MD but not mine.
Paper reports came, no CD.
Wait, what?!
You can't get then from medical records you have to go to radiology!
Called them.
Left message.
Picked up the CD today.
Life is very complicated.
And frustrating.

After all that I went to the studio and worked on Trip quilts.
I might finish the quilting on Brayden's tonight,
I might actually finish it before the end of the year-probably NOT!

After the trip to the hospital,
one stop off at Lowes for a board
one stop off at Red Robin (YUMM) where the fries are delish
one stop at the grocery store
Finally, home.
and a nap.

Now, I'm going to play around on Ancestry for a bit.

Oh, about the photo.
This was taken in the fall but that geranium is blooming in the window of my office.
They usually get all leggy in the winter house and I've never had one bloom before.
I only brought them in to take cutting from them late next month for the yard in the spring.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Un-time Day Two

First, what I sent to Janimary in the Secret Santa Swap!

I also sent some goodies from Missouri Star Quilt Company 
(fancy sewing pins, bookmark and to do pad)
Cause everyone seems to know about the place!
Also a fat quarter of Kokopelli fabric, 
And some tourist information about Missouri as well as a small map showing my location.
She like it! Yay!

For Un-time I actually took a shower and got dressed.
Did some boring computer stuff.
Set up my gift membership at Ancestry 
and just now filled a tube with spit for the DNA test.

I'm going to the studio to work on Brayden's quilt next!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Un-time Day One

First, I want to share my gifts from Chookyblue's Secret Santa Swap!
Coming all the way to me from Chookyblue herself!
Love the bag-think my own English Paper Piecing just found a home!
The needle case-just amazingly beautiful.
Such a tiny Lucy Boston block.
Love it all!
As well as the Australia Calendar (which didn't make the photos-oops)
The family all had a look at the Outback.

I can't show a post of what I sent to Janimary as I don't know if she's opened it!
I do know she liked the ornament though!

Next, about this post's title.
I always think of the week between Christmas and New Year's as
It just doesn't seem to fit in the current year and yet isn't in the new one either.
A Quirk of mine.
I do have a list of things to accomplish this week, but it's mostly about relaxing and doing as I please.
Today, I've been reading and working at the disaster that was my house.
I have a small kitchen.
That's fine when it's just me but it's very easy to destroy it's tidiness!
Since I had 11 here for dinner, yeah a big mess.
The dishwasher is running for the third time since we ate last night.
A few things will need washed up by hand a bit later.
I've gotten the folding chairs and table taken down (but not stored)
 and the main table returned to it's rightful place.

But for now I'm going to curl up on the sofa 
under a quilt
in front of the fire
while it snows a bit outside
and read!

Monday, December 25, 2017


Merry Christmas!

As a small gift!
One of my favorite Christmas carols.
In This Very Room.
Always sung at my children's high school!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

More Christmas Cuteness

Thought you might be getting tired of Santas!
So North Pole Cottages today.
L-R: The Antler Inn, 
Frosty Pines Outfitters,
And the Christmas Bread Bakers (because I like to bake bread.)
You can also see a couple of the funky trees in the collection.
Over the years I've collected,
Small trees,
Funky trees,
Nesting dolls, 
Small animals.
Sometimes, I believe the collection multiplies over the summer.
At any rate I'll not be buying any more as I really have
too much as it is.
Which is the true reason I found it so difficult to put things out.

Today was my last volunteer day of this year.
Next year I'm sure the director will have a new challenge for me!

Marketing yesterday,
Candy making,
dog sitting.
More marketing today.
I'm tired but
more cooking calls!

And so does Quinn!
Time for a walk!
(and maybe a short nap!)

Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas Cuteness!

I know, yet another Santa!
I bought this one in Missoula last summer.
Man, I miss Montana!

I've been busy-cause, well Christmas!
Began the baking yesterday.
The super easy Reese's peanut butter cookies.
The only slightly more difficult peanut butter and chocolate kisses cookies.
Chocolate chip cookies-cause Kolby thinks they are the best.
More today after a trip to the store for supplies.

I'm attempting to make a weighted blanket for Ethan.
I understand why they are so expensive now.
If it helps him sleep better then it's worth it.
Brayden's Trip is about half quilted.
Halfway through the third row of Ethan's Trip.
Ryan's green blocks are nearly cut.

I've finished my shopping!
Now, I'm making myself wrap one gift each time I go to the basement.
Knocking them out pretty quickly.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Christmas Cuteness-Day Three

First off, Santa's Sleigh arrived yesterday!
All the way from Down Under and Chookyblue!
I can't open this one until Christmas Day-sigh.

This one I got to open and hang on my tree!
A beautiful handmade ornament!

Thank you Chookyblue!

This is my other Jim Shore.
He's pretty small.
The Santa on the right one of my children gave me YEARS ago!
I have no idea which one, maybe they do?

More sewing done last night on Ethan's Trip.
More cutting on Ryan's.
More sandwiching on Brayden's, think I may have a flat back now.
I certainly hope so!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thursday's Christmas Cuteness

Brought to you by Jim Shore!
I only have two pieces by him as they are pricey.
This one I bought in Des Moines, IA at the Machine Shed eatery.
Larry and I had driven up to have lunch with our oldest, Steve.
He was working in Minneapolis and drove down from there.
Not long after Steve returned to San Diego and found a new job!
He hates cold weather-his father's child in that respect.

I spent a good amount of time in the studio yesterday.
I'd like to say it was all sewing. 
Sadly, not the case.
One, it looks like a tornado struck my work space!
(Now somewhat better but more to do today)
Two, I had un-sewing to do.
The back of Brayden's trip keeps stretching (Flannel) and that means wrinkles!
So, today I will spray starch that sucker until it's stiff!
Then re-pin the quilt for the 3rd time.
(It's okay though, I really needed to use a larger batt and now I will.)
Meanwhile, Ethan's Trip is taking shape and Ryan's is being cut.
I hope to work on Nora's stocking, cross-stitch, tonight.
I've had that in progress for a couple of years!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Mischef managed. . .

In that I finished putting up all the Christmas stuff!  Yay! Not only that, I've cleaned up the mess.  There will be much sorting of this stuff after the holidays-I have WAY too much and some things did not find homes.

Rather than bury you in photos all at once I'm going to send you one each day!  Of Course, not all of the ones I planned to use are fit so I have to go take more!

Little skaters from the North Pole Village.  This one sits on my piano where you can watch the skaters go round and round.  (Powered by electricity and magnets!)

I have nearly finished my shopping- just Ryan left.   Well,  there are numerous small gifts to buy for the "Big Kids" gift bags.  Cards to write but I'm moving right along.  I don't do any baking until the week of Christmas so it's fresh.

Here's hoping you are enjoying the holidays!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christmas Chaos reigns

The state of the dining area, sigh.

Those of you who stop in pretty regularly (thank you by the way) know that this time last year I was living in a hotel.
Waiting to close on this house.
I did NO trees, NO other decorations either.
Well, I did buy a poinsettia and a Christmas cactus.

Basically, I haven't seen the Christmas decorations since 2015!
(When I put up 5 trees!)
I've spent weeks trying to figure out where to put my North Pole Village.
Finally, I decided to move these bookcases and the old pie safe from my  bedroom 
into the dining area.
Trading places with the base of the hutch I had in there
(And never liked.)
Unload shelves.
Unload cabinets.
Drag, push and pull furniture.
Reload shelves.
Reload cabinets.
That took all of my energy for last Saturday.

Got out the big tree for the living room.
Brought up the coffee table to set it on.
(I have HUGE windows in the living room-which I love)
Put it together.
Brought in the heavy ladder to use for decorating.
Then it was time for Ethan's 6th birthday bash.

Finally, got the big tree
and the Santa's finished yesterday.
Got out one of the 4' tree for my room only to find that it had broken loose from the base sometime during the move, sigh.
Tried to glue and stabilize it but no luck.
Gave up.

Today, I brought the 2nd 4' tree down and took the broken one out, the lights didn't all work on that one.
Guess I'll be removing those and replacing them.

I'll put up the cottages.
Then do finishing touches on the living area.
Might even get the stockings hung!
Or Not.

I hope your December is going better than mine!
I haven't even begun to shop!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Ta-Da Kolby's Trip Around the World One Last Time

Took the final stitches on Sunday.
It's been washed and dried.
I'll be taking it to him soon.
Hope he likes it!

Brayden's trip is nearing completed flimsy.
Ethan's is cut out ready for making blocks.
Ryan's is being cut-think I'll need more green for that one.
Nora's Granny is still waiting.

In other news, 
I beta read 
Maren Ferguson's (aka Suzie O'Connell) new novel (The Driftwood Promise) last night
I've been Beta reading for Suzie for a while now-nagging her as well.
The nagging is fun and she actually looks forward to it!

I've been getting my spine stretched to hopefully help the compressed disc.
I have a kidney stone, sigh.
Working on getting that resolved before it becomes an emergency.

Like a crazy woman I put a jigsaw puzzle up on the table.
I shouldn't have done that!

Thursday, November 23, 2017


Happy Thanksgiving!

A day of feasting and enjoying family!
Gotta go,
Much to do!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

November blahs!

When my children were small we had a few of the volumes of a Sesame Street book set.
  I have no idea at this point what they were called and this is WAY before Elmo! 
 In the "D" book there was  a story called Darling Dora and the Dazzling Diamond D which my children LOVED!
The jist of it is that Dora's Daddy, the King, gave her a Dazzling Diamond D necklace which was stolen by a Dragon.  After the Dragon was captured and the necklace returned the Dragon was sent to the Deep, Dark, Damp, Dreary Dungeon.
That phrase-Deep, Dark, Damp, Dreary, Dungeon-became part of our family language.

I am currently living in a November that feels like that dungeon!

Projects of any kind are moving at a snails pace.
I have a deadline next week.
Well, two really.
A mailing deadline 
and Thanksgiving.
I'm getting somewhat tense.
That isn't helped by the Deep, Dark, Damp, Dreary weather.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Fabric Expeditions

This is the current state of Brayden's Trip around the world.
I was so thrilled last week to find the piece of fabric I knew I was seriously short of!
Then when I finished Part 3 and began laying out Part 4 I realized I had three other colors I wasn't going to have enough of! URGH!
(I have to say that using up my stash requires the purchasing of so much more fabric!)
I headed east to a quilt shop about 30 minutes east of here as I knew they carried
Stonehenge fabrics.
No luck.
I did buy some green for another project and some dark that I could  use if I had to.

On the way home I stopped of at Cockrell Mercantile.
I had read about the shops in that "I'll have to go there one day, it's close" sort of way.
Anyway, I decided that the time had come!
Such a fun place.
Much kitchen stuff.
A whole shop of fiesta ware! (Bri you should check it out!)
While there I happened across this fellow!

Adding him to my Santa Collection-he's rather unique.

After wandering about 4 cottages FILLED with lovely things I headed home.
MY mind was occupied with what I was going to do about the quilt.
Then I remembered!
I had cut the selvages off and kept them. 
I'm not planning any projects out of them but I've needed some in the past and had to cut them off stash pieces!
I wondered if the selvages had the numbers for the design on them.
After the usual- Hey Quinn I'm home!
I headed to the studio to look.
I found two of them.
Googled Stonehenge Gradients Bright and one of the numbers and 
found a shop called
1000's of bolts and 1 Nut!
They had ALL 3 fabrics I needed!
They've been shipped so I'll soon be ready to work on that one again!

In the meantime, I'm cutting Ethan's (guess what I need more red fabric!), quilting Kolby's and working on Secrets

Friday, October 27, 2017

Mini-shop Hop!

No not for miniatures- though that would be fun!
So your second guess would be for fabric and that would be correct!

After dropping Miss Quinn off at camp for the day I headed north for an hour and a half-give or take some minutes!  (Missed having Quinn next to me in the truck!)

First I went to Crossroads Quilting in Cameron, MO.  I have been there before and its a nice little shop but nothing fell off the shelves and into my hands there!  

Then if was off to - wait for it. . . 

Yep, Quiltown USA!
They have several buildings-one for wools, one for batiks, one for brights, 
you get the picture.
So I wandered about and bought these:

Two fat quarter bundles and a piece of blue.
The bundles for projects that will be gifts.
The blue is an alternative for the blue I have now run out of for Brayden's Trip!
Oh, NO!

A closer look at the fabric in the fall bundle.

And here are the holiday ones.

I bought some bits and bobs as well-they have really cute things!
It's fun to go there but I don't go often as it's a bit overwhelming as well.
There's the "Which shop did I see that print in again?" thing going on.

After lunch, where I had a nice chat with some folks from Grand Prairie, Texas.
(I really must be a Hickam as I will chat with most anyone-as will most any other Hickam!)

Then I was off to Chillicothe!
The shop there is called Cuts and Bolts, fun name.

These also fell into my hands and also have projects they are needed for!
Then, I nearly did cartwheels!
I went on this little jaunt looking for a specific blue stonehenge fabric,
They had it!

Why was I so excited?

This is the last square of this fabric in Brayden's Trip-which is almost 2/3 complete.
I really didn't think I'd find it so I was thrilled!

I had another shop on the list for today, but with the late start and all the fun I had shopping and chatting plus driving on back roads the store would have closed before I could get there.
Oh well, another trip!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Succulents have taken over!

I can't seem to stay away from the tables holding succulents at my garden nursery!
These two arrangements are residing on my desk.

There are several others in individual pots near the window.
Then there's this beauty.

It does seem a bit confused though~it is a Christmas Cactus!

All but one plant seem happy as can be sitting where the morning sun hits them.
I didn't realize that succulents would bend to follow the sun but I have to give the pots a quarter turn now and then.

Fall has finally come,
At my last house the neighborhood was full of trees, oak trees.
They just turn brown in the fall.
This neighborhood is full of maples.
There are some oaks as well but there are several varieties of maple.
Some are VERY red.
Mine are yellow.
I never noticed before but the trees turn color from the top down.

There are also lots of these laying on the ground around the neighborhood
~ Hedge apples, fruit of the Osage Orange 

The things you see and learn while walking.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Quilting, reading and other stuff

First up Quilting.
I thought I'd show you my set up for sewing rows without messing up the order of the blocks.
Beginning on the back left.
 The clipboard holds the design.
Each fabric has a number and that number is entered on the design sheet in it's proper place.
I use the pick highlighter to mark off the rows I've finished.
The sheet leaning against the clipboard has samples of each fabric beside it's number (also the number of squares I cut in this color.)
Then there are the five piles of squares waiting for me to lay them out.
To the very far right are strips cut for binding.
 (Forgot to do that for Kolby's Trip! Had to buy fabric.)
In the front are the square sets for the next blocks.
Three are already sewn together.
Just above the first set is a sticky with an arrow on it.
That tells me which way to press the seams so that they "lock" when they are sewn.
That's really important because even though I PIN like a fool they can shift and I want all of those four corners to meet perfectly~ I don't always get perfection but it has to be close.
Also shown are the oh so necessary tools of the craft.
Scissors, seam ripper, thread.  Other tools not shown-sewing machine, OTT light, and iron.
Using all that I get this!

Only seven more strips to attach before heading onto the next row.
See the orange sicky note?
Another reminder of how that row's seams need to be pressed in order to lock.
Tonight this row will be finished, tomorrow it will be on to the next.
I still have to unsew sometimes~ not nearly as much as on Kolby's.
Last night I attached the group I'd finished and found I'd left two strips out!
 Had to fix that.

Most of you have likely noticed that I read a great deal.
That's probably an understatement!
I finished this one a couple of days ago.
It's about the Mann Gulch fire.
 I wrote a bit about it August 27, 2016 (in spite of my best efforts I can't seem to link to that post.)
The Mann Gulch fire was  the greatest single loss of life in Smokejumper history-13.
It's a hard book to read.
Well, the subject makes it hard.
The writing is exquisite.
Which is totally explained by the fact that the author taught English at the University of Chicago.
Romance poets and Shakespeare to be exact-guess that rubs off on you.
You might recognize the author-Norman MacLean.
He also wrote A River Runs Through It And Other Stories.
Yes, the one the movie was made from.
I've added it to my reading list.

This fire year has been so horrible.
It seems it will never end.
I learn quite a bit about fire behavior from this book.
Things they didn't know at the time of the Mann Gulch fire.
Scary stuff forest fires.

Other things on my "To Do" list-some of which I actually do!
Prepping the trim and walls in my bedroom for paint.
 (a project made more complicated by the fact that the previous owners painted over a wall-paper border. Thank goodness it was only a border!)
Walking most days.
Stretching most days.
Practicing Piano and Guitar.
I'll never be truly capable on either but I am happy with my progress and I love doing it.
Practicing taking pictures.
Much harder on manuel but even if it takes multiple attempts I'm still trying.
Again, I may never be truly capable.

I've even done some cooking.
And managed to keep the kitchen fairly orderly along the way.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fall and finish!

Fall came!
It won't last just yet but. . .
I'm enjoying hot tea with honey 
and oatmeal.
Maybe even soup, who knows.
I'm even wearing a sweater.
I love FALL! 

And in other news~
"H" is finished!
I am so glad!
It looks okay and will keep me warm
BUT. . .
I'm not really very happy with it.
I will not let flaws keep me from a finish though!

Today, I have some paint prep work to do.
One more doll outfit for Nora to sew.
(To anyone thinking of sewing American Girl doll clothes just let me say this~
it's like sewing an outfit for the 8yo girl in miniature! Painful!)
Then I can mail that off for her birthday on Friday.
Will also make the backing and batt for Kolby's Trip
to sandwich tomorrow!

I'm on a roll!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Quilting Catch-up

After last week this one has been blissfully quiet!
I have reworked my daily chores to where most all are on Mondays.
Leaving me more time for 
Which was the goal of the upheaval!

So the photo above is the beginning of Brayden's Trip.
I love the colors!
(Hint-my favorite color-blue!)
It looks blurry in the photo but when I looked at the strip again it really looks like that!

The other quilting catch up?
The "H" quilt.
Which now only needs binding!
Thank goodness.
It's the biggest quilt I've done on Bella the Bernina and I think I would have been okay if I hadn't decided to stitch in the ditch and then about 3/4" outside that "H".
Much twisting, and turning of a whole lot of fabric.
Add in the fact that the calendar may say it's October and time for the cool but the thermostat has said nearly 90F and thus the air conditioning has come on, makes holding all of that on your lap kinda HOT! 
Anyway, I should get a completed quilt photo on here soon.

I need to finish the doll clothes I have cut out and get them in the mail to Miss Nora as her birthday is on the 14th, so that's next.
I continue to make blocks for Brayden's quilt.
Cut fabric for Ethan's.
And Sandwich Kolby's quilt.

Still stretching, doing some exercises I learned in Physical Therapy and walking.
Practicing both the piano and guitar as well.
I'm managing to stay busy!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Crazy week!

This is a crazy week for me!
I mostly stay at home, especially in the evenings, working on projects and reading.
This week has only two evenings free!


First, on Sunday I watched this guy play soccer!
Such intensity.
Then he and I went to a Sporting Kansas City game-that's professional soccer!
Sporting KC wins a lot of games and won the game on Sunday against the LA Galaxy 2-1.
It was loud.
It was hot.
It was a bit boring what with all that ball passing going on!
I try and take each boy to something just for them-this was for Kolby.
I tell them that we will stay as long as they want and leave when they are ready.
These are long games-45 minute halves-and about 20 minutes before the end of the second half he said he was ready to go.
We went.
He's 8, I figured we'd leave early.
Parking, while free is across the road at the race track but they provide a free shuttle back and forth.
Leaving early meant we didn't have to wait for a shuttle!

Tuesday, Rob, Tanya and I went to the Kansas City Symphony after dinner.
The first time I'd been in the symphony hall at the Performing arts center and it is just as nice as the ballet hall.
An intimate setting for a performance of contemporary composers which we all enjoyed!
So much so that we're doing it again in 2018.

Today, I had my usual Wednesday volunteer day at the National Frontier Trails Center
followed by errands in Independence.
Joann's, Barnes and Noble and Costco.
Quinn was very glad to see me!

Tomorrow night I have photography class.
My homework is already done and printed!

Friday night Brayden and I are going to one of the final Royals games (baseball) of this season.
Unfortunately, there is no chance of us winning the pennant this time!
Last time he and I went they won the American League West-it was exciting.

In between all of that I've been quilting "H" -really do not like this quilt! 
And sewing on Brayden's Trip.


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Busy Bee here!

I'm taking a photography class at the Community College (Continuing Education)!
Expect more photos!
I have a nice (although older) Canon digital camera-think 35 mm style without film-which I've been using like a point and shoot!
While the photos are nice I decided I wanted to learn how to really use the camera.
The first class was all about light, ISO, Shutter speed and F stops-aperture. 
For the first time someone explained all that in a way I could understand.
Homework is 24 printed photos experimenting with light only.
I think I have 5 photos for each one I will have printed!
I consider my living room to be SO LIGHT-it took 5 attempts to even SEE anything in the photos!
I'm learning a lot but it will be an ongoing thing.

Besides Photos I have been sewing!
Doll clothes for Miss Nora's birthday next month.


Finished the top for Kolby's Trip Around the World!
That has to have batting and backing made and
Has to wait for

The "H" quilt to be out from under the needle!
(I don't have enough safety pins to sandwich it yet!-thought I had a million but this is a biggish quilt!)

I hope to have  "H" quilted by the first of next week.
Brayden's first Trip blocks are laid out-should get started on them tonight.

Added to that Quinn and I have been walking and I've been stretching and exercising, I'd like to say everyday but am happy with 5 out of 7!

I'm also back at the piano every day.

With my regular housework and the fact that the computer is now in the upstairs office I just haven't been blogging.
Now that I'm taking photos I'll try and do better!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Another Finish

Or mostly finished anyway!
This is my new dedicated office space.
My massive desk above-just great for spreading out the research.

Looking out from the desk-this old TV cabinet (ok not that old from the 1990's)
holds my printer and office supplies.

Also from behind the desk looking towards the hall and the closet.
The previous owners painted the doors to match the walls-ugh.
I haven't decided if I'll them using the cream on the walls or return them to white.
They also painted all the outlets (6) and switches (2) to match the walls-you really aren't supposed to do that!  They will be getting changed out.  I already have the replacements.
You'll notice the closet door is without a knob.
For some unknown and idiotic reason that door had a KEYED lock on it!
Somehow, in all the trips to bring seasonal boxes to that lovely walk in closet the inside lock got twisted and then I shut the door.
Yep, locked, no key.
After checking the internet and trying all the suggestions there I finally took the last-all else has failed  suggestion and used a hammer on it.
Replacing it will be simple I just have to go buy one.

I don't know any longer what to be the most upset about.
The way my country is falling apart,
The situation in Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey,
or the fact that Montana is burning.

My heart hurts for the people of Texas-even the thought of losing everything is terrifying. Cleanup is beginning but it seems we didn't really learn anything from Katrina.

Montana is one of my favorite places on earth.
40 new fires began over the weekend.
Many of the places I visited last year now have serious, on-going fires with the associated smoke, highway closings and evacuations.
People have lost homes, livestock, fences, everything.
Glacier National Park lost a historic chalet,
The smoke is so bad you can't see the mountains.
Evacuations are everywhere.
The governor has called out the National Guard.
So far as I know ALL of these fires have been started by lightening.
It will take some serious snowfall to put them all out.

So Texas and Montana-two examples of the effect climate change has on the land.
But, wait, it doesn't exist!
To which I say Bullsh*t!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Finally Finished!

The studio that is!
The Room is an "L" shape and I'm standing at the corner looking towards the Exercise end.
When it's too cold, too hot or too allergy ridden I tote my bike (Annie) down the stars and put her in a trainer.  It's boring but works.  There's also a rowing machine and a TV.  Enough rug on the floor to do my stretches and exercises learned from therapy as well as a small tv to do exercise videos with.
I haven't used it lately, must get back to that!

Quinn's enjoying the rugs in the toy area!
She also likes to play down here as there's quite a bit of open space.
Most of all she loves that it is cooler down there.

Looking the other way is the doll house and all the stuff I've accumulated for finishing it off.
Boy, that yellow is really bright!
I need to get a book on making windows and doors next.
You can also see Grace the treadle machine, the design wall and my rocker-currently the only place to sit that isn't in front of a sewing machine!

Then looking back towards the door you can see the other leg of the "L"
This area is dedicated to sewing!
I know I could fix an ironing area closer to the machines but I need the steps and sitting too long isn't healthy. 
 The small blue tote on the floor holds fabric pieces to cut into strips.

These two IKEA cabinets hold all but two small boxes of my fabric.
The one on the right has fat quarters and panels in it organized by color and strips I've cut from leftover pieces.  Much easier to store that way and easier to use.
The cabinet on the left has larger pieces of fabric and serves as my cutting area.
That's Brayden's Trip being cut. (Only two more colors!)

The two electric machines I use.
Jaley the Janome is used for piecing those quarter inch seams.
Bella the Bernina is for doll clothes and other non-quilting sewing and for quilting.
(Still need to try that stitch regulator out!)

Each 4 foot table has a small cabinet next to it that holds the flotsam and jetsome of sewing.
There is a small antique sewing table between the two-currently holding the board I use for the next block but I expect to set Jaley off on it so I can cross-stitch there.
Above the table is a piece of muslin covered insulation board to hold stuff-there's currently A block for Kolby's trip on it and I use it to hold the doll clothes pattern pieces once they've been ironed.
Both machines have Ott lights next to them-I love those things!

Eventually, I may decide to do something to the floor but for now I think I'll just collect some more cheap pieces of carpeting!