Thursday, December 15, 2016

This and That!

Smithville Lake

Catch up time again!
Quinn and I took a short jaunt up to Smithville Lake, north of Kansas City on Monday.
It was warm enough that I didn't need a heavy jacket-not true today-and somewhat sunny.
I hoped we see some eagles as they are reported to have several that overwinter there but NO!
Did see some very large red-tailed hawks sitting in trees.
Picked up some literature on the predator birds found in Missouri.
Hopefully, I'll be better able to identify them in the future!

I had a Doctor's appointment on Tuesday.
Just a recheck on my asthma.
It's all good.
Plus I got my flu shot and the last pneumonia shot I needed, both arms are a bit sore.
Then I did laundry while Quinn was still playing at Zoe's house.

Also on Tuesday, I received the expected news that we would not close on Friday the 16th.
No new closing date has been set as we are waiting on the VA appraisal.
I was bummed.
Had to cancel the Uhaul, extend my hotel stay another week etc.
That might be for the best as Saturday, when I planned to move, is to be extremely cold.
When I do move now I will have to hire it done, or at least the big stuff, as three of my boys have travel plans and the fourth has to work during the week.
Needless to say I am not holding my breath for closing soon-it's a day to day wait.
On the 21st I'm going to leave the hotel for my daughter's house.
They are going on a vacation in Florida and a cruise so I will house sit and pay attention to the cats!

Yesterday,  I mailed the Christmas cards out!  Before the 15th!
It's surprising how much I put that off even having so much time on my hands.
Then Quinn and I looked at appliances for the house and bought wrapping paper.
Next,  we went to the big greenhouse and looked at all the flowers!
Flowers always make a day brighter and they are dog friendly so we got to walk around inside!
Lest you think I took advantage of them-I came home with a few potted plants.

Some stitching has been done and some knitting as well while binge watching TV.
I keep the TV on nearly all the time here to help Quinn deal with all the sounds.
They have some channels I don't usually have (Air TV at home) so I've finally seen Chip and Jo!
Chip definitely reminds me of some Baylor boys I once knew!

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a good yarn said...

What a shame the house didn't close as planned. You and Quinn must be looking forward to being in your own place. I sent my carrds early this year (waiting on your new address as I didn't know where to send it). So you finally got to see Chip and Jo. They are quite the celebrities but seem pretty grounded. The house prices in Texas are enviable. Median house price in Sydney is now over $1 million. The Lake looks nice and I'm mature you'll get to see your eagle. We have only one kind here - a wedge tail eagle. I've only seen one at an animal sanctuary. Sad really as it's a bird that should be free to to fly. Farmers used to shoot them as they were accused of stealing lambs but with the millions and millions of rabbits we have they should have plenty to eat.