Sunday, November 13, 2016

Playing Catch-up!

I have been such a slacker!  Posts almost every day until I get home then nothing, sigh.

It has been a difficult November.  First, I was SO tired all I wanted to do was sleep.  After I left the quiet loveliness of Montana-where 6 cars on the highway constitutes a traffic jam-I drove through big city after big city.  Salt Lake, Las Vegas, LA, San Diego, Tuscon, El Paso, Dallas, Oklahoma City-all excepting San Diego new to me.  All with extensive freeways.  Making them all very tiring.  The dark circles and bags under my eyes that I lost in Montana caught up to me along the way home.
Due to all of that exhaustion, I could not decided if I should rent or buy, although I did begin the loan process for a home.

Talked to my financial advisor, set up appointments with my eye doctor and primary care doctor.  

Haven't a clue why I'm seeing my primary care doc except I got a message saying I needed to come in for a re-check (if she wants blood - and she always does) that will have to be another day! 

I have cataracts, have had for several years, and they are very slow growing ones.  Every time I leave the office they say "If you notice any change be sure to come in."  So, on the trip I began to have greater and greater difficulty reading road signs-even the giant highway signs-which creates some interesting side trips in cities even using Google audio directions.  They always say turn right at Harris St instead of take the next right and by the time I can see that it's Harris street I'm past it or in the wrong lane or some such nonsense!  Also, glare has become more of an issue.  Anyway, tomorrow I'll check in with the eye doc-she'll probably say they aren't ready to come off but maybe I'll get a new script and will see better.  Also in the vision department, I think I need to purchase a Kindle paperwhite.  The backlit feature of my Fire is nice but I think it's causing eye strain.  Urgh, the problems of getting old!  Just grateful that I have insurance that will cover most of this stuff.

The indecision over living arrangements continued until I said I was going to wait until after the election.  (more on that later) But it seems that finding a house to buy will be easier than finding a place to rent so I'm house hunting.  There are to many options there as well but I'm going single family so Quinn can have a yard to run in again and I can have a veggie patch.  At least until I can't manage it.

The Election.  
First just let me apologize to my friends outside the US.  I am sorry that the way our elections are set up has allowed a man to be elected who did not win the popular vote, again. Unhappily, that will likely affect your countries.  I am so sorry.  I understand why people voted for him (even though I think they are misguided, they are entitled to their opinion I just get to have mine!) I have been tied in knots since Tuesday, terrified of what's to come, with a continual tummy ache.  I have no real choice but to go forward and I will. I have considered leaving-actually I first considered it after Bush the Second was elected but I love this country.  Larry served in the Air Force for over 22 years and I have always been proud of that.  My ancestors, all of them, were immigrants. One came on the Mayflower, One group was made up of French huguenots and I am the 14th generation born in the state of Missouri.  Even those of American Indian blood came from Asia.  My children and grandchildren are here and not all of them could join me.  Plus, if all of us who stood opposed to him leave who will fight the fight ahead.  So, I won't leave unless I cannot see any other option.  I will not speak his name, he may be the political leader of my country but I do not claim him any other way.  He will remain He Who Shall Not Be Named (HWSNBN for short or Voldemort for those who have not read Harry Potter.)

So, in the coming days I'll attempt to be more vigilant in my posts and more positive in my heart! I'll even get the camera out!


Chookyblue...... said...

so whats the verdict on the eyes..getting much worse and need to have the op..
goodluck house hunting.........
and yes crap result........

a good yarn said...

My Dad had the cataract in one eye done and will do the other next year. Should improve his sight. He loves his Kindle too. All that driving and concentrating is exhausting. I'm a wee bit younger than you but I can't travel too far. Become too fatigued. Happy house hunting. You'd struggle to buy anything in Sydney for less than $500K more like $1M. It will be nice for Quinn to have somewhere to run about.

Firstly, you certainly don't need to apologise. I'm sure the President-Elect is no Stalin or Pol Pot. Of course, we view the whole thing from afar and with a different perspective. The United States is such a different country in so many respects. Do people vote for the person or the policies? We didn't here much about those in our coverage. I understand that the Electoral College system is enshrined in your Constitution. I wonder if there has been any other time in your country's history when the people's reaction to a new President has been so visceral?