Sunday, October 23, 2016

El Paso, A you can't get there from here place

I spent part of the day shopping in El Paso, TX.  I bought some new Nikes at the Outlet Mall-finally I bought something at an outlet mall! My old tennis shoes had begun hurting my little toe on my right foot and my slip-on shoes were aggravating the nerve issues still affecting my left foot.  It is hoped that new shoes will help at least part of that!  I tried to buy some other shoes as well-some hiking boots, cowboy boots, and a couple other pair of boots-unfortunately I have a very high instep and I simply could not get them on my feet! So I was disappointed there.  I did get an outfit for Ryan at the Oshkosh outlet which I think will be very cute! Then I went to the grocery store.  In the process of doing all that shopping I discovered that El Paso is a "You can't get there from here" town!  I thought only San Diego had earned that title but I was oh so wrong! Spent as much time wandering about as I did shopping!  Once I found my way back to the campground it was with the heartfelt "I'm not leaving Ceili until we head out tomorrow!"

On other subjects.  I just finished the book: No Time On My Hands by Grace Snyder.  I highly recommend it.  Grace McChance Snyder was a Nebraska Quilter and an amazing woman! Inducted into both the United States Quilting Hall of Fame and the Nebraska Quilters Hall of Fame, two of her quilts appear in the book 100 Quilts of the 20th Century.  I loved the book even though I cried when I finished it!  (Which is still available from Amazon and other places-I got mine at Chimney Rock, NE) Google Grace and there are videos of her life and color photos of her quilts, you won't be sorry! (I tried to do links but I guess I'm just not good enough at that as none of them worked!)  Some of the quilts are at the International Quilt Study Center and Museum in Lincoln, NE.  I think I saw one, but now I have to go back!  I am certain that I shall never be the quilter that Grace was.

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a good yarn said...

Good quality, comfortable shoes can be so hard to find at a reasonable price. All we get here are Made in China (unless you buy the super-dooper expensive Italian ones). I actually buy a lot of my shoes from the States, online, because you have lots of choice in the size that fits me (7.5 C/D). That width is not common here. Isn't there a song about El Paso?