Saturday, October 22, 2016

300 miles

Or something like 300 miles. 
 I was headed to El Paso, Texas.
I made it into Texas, exactly 1 mile into Texas!
I guess the campground is in Anthony.
Anyway, we left Tucson early for today's drive.
It's a good thing as we drove into the Mountain Time Zone and it was an hour later there! 

The road was very hilly for a while and there was actual grass
-not a lot but enough that a few cows were spotted.
Not far from Tucson we stopped at the Texas Canyon Rest Area.
Normally, I wouldn't stop so soon but there was something here to take photos of 
and a safe place to take them!

Pretty interesting rocks!

Mountains in the distance too!
There have been mountains in the distance nearly all day and on all sides.
Not really high mountains like Montana (I miss them) but a break from this:

Although there is a lot of vegetation here and in someplace it was quite barren.
I saw some areas of obviously planted TREES.
At first I thought citrus but they seemed too large.
There is never anyone to ask as you drive down the road!
Sometimes you get lucky though.
The last batch I saw had a truck parked at the end of the rows-The New Mexico Pecan Co!
Solved that one.
Then there were the dairy cows.
I know what a black and white Holstein looks like.
 I might not know a Guernsey or a Jersey but I know a Holstein!
There were hundreds of them hanging out in paddocks.
Must have been some big dairy operation but 
I was not lucky enough to spot a sign!

The last picture is of part of Organ Mountains National Monument behind Las Cruces, New Mexico.
This monument is in three parts which we drove right past!
That's Interstate 10 right down the center.

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