Saturday, August 13, 2016

Out and about.

Isn't this a great old barn?
Built from logs.
Found it just outside of Pray, MT.
Pray is so tiny they probably Pray they still have a town in a few years!
Pray was one stop on a small jaunt Quinn and I took this afternoon.
Also visited Chico.
Which has a Hot Springs Resort which I plan to try on Monday.
And Emigrant.
Not much in either place!

I also took a look at Livingston-where there was a lovely quilt shop!
(Why do I buy nothing at all in one shop and several pieces in another? 
It's not like they don't all have lovely fabric!)
Other than the quilt shop and the grocery store I didn't even park the truck.
Just drove around and looked.
Small, old and somewhat worn but still thriving it seems.

Tomorrow, I promise more in the photo department.
We are going to Yellowstone National Park!

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