Friday, August 5, 2016

Another landmark!

Scott's Bluff National Monument!
Named for Hiram Scott, a fur trader who had the gloriously bad luck to die here!
It lies along the Oregon, California, Mormon and Pony Express Trails.
It's pretty impressive
Until you add

all of these.
There are many unusual and outstanding rock formations in the region.
I know that one is called Castle Rock but I'm not certain which one.

Quinn and I took a walk along this path.

Heading straight to the pointy end of the monument.
Along the way we were carefully watched by

This lovely Mule deer, she bounded away soon after!
We also saw birds and beetles and these

Not sure what kind of seed pod or the name of the cute purple blossoms.
But I liked them.

Then we took the truck and drove up to the top of the monument.
Through several tunnels
Very steep
Very large drop off on the side
Very Scary for a flatlander (Me)

The oddest thing?  I could see Ceili from the top! 
Only because I knew where to look!

I spent the rest of the day re-ordering inside Ceili.
I think when I was trying to get out of town and
dealing with the horrid mess
I just stuck things anywhere and now I can't find them!
Hopefully, time spent today with help with that.

I've already hooked the Ceili to the truck as we are moving on tomorrow!
Wyoming here we come!

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a good yarn said...

While oatmeal raisin cookies are baking in the oven, I have the most delightful time catching up on all your adventures with Quinn and Ceili. You certainly haven't let the grass grow under your feet! The landscapes and farmscapes are quite fabulous. I doubt that I'll ever have the opportunity to experience them myself so I'm really glad that you are sharing your images and commentary. Having travelled a bit of Australia in a campervan (homemade - that's another story), your travels are bringing back happy memories of rain, high winds, juggling the space and yet having a wonderful time of it all. Your new Bernina looks very sharp. I loved the pics of old barns and their *quilts*. Interested in your cooking adventures and must pass on my congratulations for Steve's graduation. A wonderful moment indeed! Looking forward to more of your adventures.