Sunday, July 31, 2016

Raindrops on a rubber roof

Dining booth
 Hearing raindrops on a rubber roof, like Ceili has, is quite nice-soothing even.  It does sound like a downpour when it's only sprinkling and a deluge is deafening!  One thing you really don't want to hear is rain on the roof when you've just finished all the inside chores and are ready to go hook up, then dump.  Thunder, lightening, downpour--no outside work done for a bit.  So we were late getting away today. We drove as far a Russell, Kansas and will turn north on Tuesday.  I've decided two things-one I don't want to drive on Monday.  I need one constant day each week to plan menus, tidy the trailer, fill meds, all the tedious stuff!  I will also stay at least two night in each place, to keep me from getting too tired!

My cousin, Carol, has asked to see pics of the trailer.  I'm sorry it has taken so long!

Kitchen-who are they kidding?

The hall!  With the bathroom at the end.  The bathroom door is always propped open  against the frig as that'a Quinn's favorite place to lie.

The living room and bedroom!  The wood wall behind the sofa is a Murphy bed-I lay the sofa down and then drop the Murphy bed over it.  It's a beast to make, sigh

I was treated to a Celebration dinner by the family!  I have such lovely children!  Everyone wants me to have fun! I plan on it.  

I'm leaving you with one final photo-
This is what the trailer looked like on Thursday!

Monday, July 25, 2016

The wait is over!

Tomorrow, 9 am, the moving truck comes to load up my stuff (oh man, I have too much stuff!) and take it to storage.  We'll be done by 1-I think earlier.  Then I'll need to sweep and deal with the trash as well as load the truck.  I have a huge pile of stuff for Ceili and the truck-I doubt seriously that it will all fit but I won't know until I have Ceili and get to work setting her up.  Tomorrow night I'll be lucky to get the bed made before I crash!

Wednesday, I'll sigh the papers and I will be officially free of this house!

Quinn and I will set out for Montana on Sunday!  We are really looking forward to it.  It has been ungodly HOT and HUMID here!  The kind of days where leaving the air conditioning means breathing water and being sweaty instantly and without doing a thing!

I hope to begin daily posts and link them to Facebook.  So Sunday's will be a Missouri Moment.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Boxing up, still and I take a day off!

I'm still boxing things up, sigh.  Yesterday, I hit a wall with it.  Just could not face another empty box to be filled or filled box to be toted to the garage.  Today, I took the day off.  Quinn went to Camp Bow Wow-which she loves and never wants to leave-for the day.  (She's now all tuckered out, trying to keep all those other dogs in a group is hard work!)  I headed out to do mostly fun errands.

The Container Store-They have lots of fun stuff!  I bought plastic flour, and sugar boxes that you can just set the bag inside, plus some containers for cream cheese etc.  Then I found packing corners for my wall art (which means perhaps I will not need to buy more bubble wrap!) and a container of Museum wax-the fairies want to go along and I don't want them broken.) Maybe some other stuff, who knows?

IKEA-For some reason I cannot find IKEA from the south!  No problem getting there from home but for the second time now I've taken the wrong highway and then a very circuitous route just to buy some stuff to put under the rugs so they won't slip and 3 turquoise dog tail hooks!  I rarely go to the southwest corner of the 435 loop around the city so I get confused.  Is there a lesson there?  I should go more often?  I think not!

Dave's Deli- for lunch with a friend on the square in Independence.  Yummy food and good conversation.

U-Haul- for mattress bags and mirror packs.

I did stop off at the house as it's near the U-Haul place and drop stuff off.

Home Goods, and Target- Only got a few trailer things in both places.

Bed Bath and Beyond- looking for a cheese slicer-think I'll just continue to use a knife-the wire ones break so easily.

Costco- was next, more boxes, Coffee beans and a ink refill.

Then it was off to get Quinn and head home.  I'm tired but ready to tackle the packing again tomorrow!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Boxes, purging, boxes

That's life at the moment.  Emptying drawers, shelves and closets into boxes (trying to mark them so I don't have 20 labeled misc.)  Throwing things away, recycling them or gifting them to lighten the load.  A couple of rooms are getting VERY close to being empty except for furniture.  Tomorrow should empty out the guest room and possibly the office or the studio.  I started with my garden shed today, washing pots for plants (doing some purging there too-who uses those little ones?) Should finish with the pots tomorrow, not sure what to pack those in they get so heavy.  I do know that some folds of newspaper will go in between each pot so they don't stick together!  I can't seem to focus on any one area, sigh.  My brain is tired!

Quinn is mad at me at the moment-she had a bath!  Have you ever seen a truly drenched sheltie?  It's a sight!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Books, Books and more books

And all of them packed!  The boxes have even been moved to the garage!  Whew, I did wonder about halfway through why I have so many books.  I mostly buy non-fiction in actual book form these days, for fiction my Kindle is very easy to pack!

Last night was Kolby's final baseball game of the summer.  I must really love that kid!  Heat index was well over 100F and I hate the heat!  I went to the game though, coaches pitch I have no idea who won.  Kolby is a sports nut!  If it involves a ball being kicked, hit, bounced or thrown he is all over it!

Today, I'm going to pack some glass jars.  I've collected lots of blue glass canning jars and some half gallon and gallon jars that I use for food storage.  The gallon ones hold 5 pounds of flour!  I already have several boxes of jars packed away-I don't know if I will ever can again but I just can not bring myself to get rid of them!

After that, I'll work on closets.  I did nearly empty the guest room closet yesterday, the office closet may be a two day event!  The garage is tidying up as I use boxes and totes or put things into recycling or the trash.

Tomorrow evening the buyers inspector comes so Quinn and I have to vacate the premises for a couple of hours and the house has to be tidy.  That means I have to tidy it!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Moving right along...

footloose and fancy free-NOT.

I'm sorting, purging and packing!  Kind of overwhelmed truthfully.  Eventually, it will all be finished.

Tomorrow the appraiser comes to see if the house is really worth the price I'm getting!  Then on the 8th, the buyers inspector comes.  There's an FHA inspector yet to be scheduled.  Closing is supposed to be by the 27th and I have to be moved out by then.  I need to find storage and schedule "Three men and a truck" to move my stuff.  Meanwhile, the garage is a disaster as that's where I'm putting stuff and the studio is nearly empty,  perhaps I'll get to some stitching, perhaps not.  One thing I know-I'm buying a Bernina sewing machine when this is over!

When I left for Montana, believing that I would be gone until October (never dreaming the house would sell in 3 days) I shut off and returned the electronics for my high-speed internet. Why pay for it when I wouldn't be here and don't plan to return to this house?  Now I am using my iPhone as a personal hot spot as I am unwilling to go through the mess of getting it back for a month.  (I shut off the trash as well but it's back on!)

Due to the hotspot thing I'm tying not to go on line much so my recording here will be spotty!  That's nothing new though.

Hoping everything goes smoothly from here on out so that I can once again head for Montana.