Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mowing and other things.

It has rained and rained here!  Thunder and lightening have been good friends directly over my house several times-things shook, Quinn barked, I rolled over and went back to sleep.  Most of the storms have been at night.  All of the streams, creeks and rivers are quite full and all of the lawns are quite wet.   You know what, the grass still grows-wait the grass grows better-and still needs to be mowed.  Looking at the height of my grass and thinking let this go another day and you won't be able to keep the mower running and will need a hay baler.  Then looking at the weather forecast-thunderstorms again tomorrow.  I left the grass to dry as long as I could but after dinner I had to mow!  It was thick, it was tall and it was wet! It is done, at least until Friday when I'll mow again unless it's raining.  I'm really not complaining too much, when we moved into this house the grass was almost nonexistent, there were no plantings, no gardens, no walls, etc so having a green lawn (even if there are more weeds than bluegrass) is the sign of a job well done!  I'll try not to break my arm patting myself on the back!

Quinn went back to camp today. I am letting her get used to it for her little vacation in two weeks while I go to Chicago.  I had volunteer work at the museum, Eighth graders again.  I talked about the library/archives and had them transcribe a diary page.  They were ok, shoot they were eighth graders!  The year I consider the worst year of my school life and the worst year my children faced.  Caught between childhood and being a full teenager, full of hormones and angst.  I also believe that people who choose to teach that grade are saints!

After lunch I went shopping-no Quinn to leave at home-bought some tennis shoes at last!  Then I went dress shopping-they were all fugly.  Didn't see a single one I'd even try on.  As I need a dress for Steve's graduation ceremony I've decided to shorten the black dress I made for Scott and Bri's wedding, add a short-sleeved white sweater and white shoes to complete the outfit.  Hopefully that will work, I refuse to wear the orange dress again!

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