Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Walk on Wednesday!

The weather cooperated this week!  It wasn't terribly warm and the wind was blowing but the sun was shining and there were cirrus clouds in the bluebird sky.

This time we went to the Little Blue Valley Park.  While it seems to be in the country it is in Kansas City.  Closer to my house than Fleming Park where we went last time.  This used to be a race track-hot rods etc. It was closed down and taken over by KC Parks a couple of years ago.  They've put in a nice wide paved walkway so far but I've heard it's to be a soccer complex. The paved part that goes along the Little Blue river will also join up to the Little Blue Trace.  The Trace is currently 15 miles long, it's where I usually ride my bike.
We enjoyed our walk and will go back there again, we walked about 50 minutes and didn't quite cover all the paved areas.  
Trying to choose new places every week before I go back and do one over.  Hopefully keeping boredom at bay!

There is a significant snow storm in the long range forecast for next Tues/Wed  anywhere from 1 - 12 inches depending on how it tracks!  It's still too far out to predict with any hope of being correct!  Still probably will not get a walk in next week!

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a good yarn said...

Our local park was little more than a rubbish dump until recent years. Work is still underway but the improvements are drawing families, runners, cyclists, concerts and lots of other activities.