Monday, January 25, 2016

On the Design Wall This Week.

The design wall is pretty empty today as the top for A Stitch in Nine is finished and now waiting for backing and then quilting.  I was very happy to see the end of that, all those seams to match!

So,  worked on a couple of Blue things for this months color on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

Lots of little four patches.
Not sure what I will do with them yet, maybe some 16 patches or something.

Some of you might remember this quilt from last summer.  I saw it at a show in Golden, CO.

This is a close up of the quilt.  The visible pieces can't be more than 1/4" wide.

I simply can't get it out of my mind so I've begun a piece using this for inspiration.  I'm foundation
piecing 3/4 inch strips and then cutting them into tumblers. Like this

Today's tumblers- I get 5 and a half pieces per 4 x 8 inch strip.
Here's a close up.

I put the strings on lengthwise on these and some will be laid across the width of the paper. 
If I make as many as I can each month I should have an interesting piece at the end of the year.  Also, my obsession with these tiny strings may be out of my system!

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a good yarn said...

Even though your quilt is blue, there is so much movement and interest in your fabrics. That quilt is amazing!! The quilter must have used every skerrick of fabric she ever had and no doubt received from friends. Your method of construction seems really clever. I'm going to enjoy watching this one come together.