Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cross-stitch update!

At long, very very long, last!  Kolby's Stocking is finished.  
Well the stitching is at least.
All that is left is adding the trim around the edge
and making the hanging loop.
I am so happy this is finished!
Kolby said the star Santa in the toe was dancing!
Kolby loves to dance!

While I'm waiting for the shop to get more 22 count aida in stock, 
I plan to finish this one.

Larry began this maybe 15 years ago and never finished it.
I've worked on it a little.
It really doesn't need much just some more clouds
and the back-stitching.  
Lots of back-stitched trees. 
Nothing like the stocking though.
I don't even have to reverse it!

It snowed again today.
Not huge piles like they are expecting on the east coast,
(Deb Robertson should be glad she's home in Christchurch after her
New York, USA Vacation!)
The streets got iffy so I stayed home from my volunteer job.
I have, as I said yesterday, been fighting off illness for a couple of weeks now.
First it was sneezes and a runny nose.
Now, I have a scratchy throat.  
 So, instead of stitching this afternoon I took a 
I am not a nap taker.
I either have to be dead on my feet or sick.

Now, it's getting near 10pm (time to get into bed)
Quinn is already there!

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a good yarn said...

Kolby knows how wonderful your stitchery is? I thinks he's on the mark the dancing Santa too. It does look terrific. I see Miss Quinn has her fluffy winter coat on too. She has such a sweet face. I'm sorry that you haven't been feeling well - that three hour nap was much needed then. Hope you are feeling better soon. Looks like you are finally getting your winter. We saw some footage on tv last night and those icy roads and footpaths (sidewalks) looked very dangerous. I suspect you could break a bone or two falling on that. Keep safe and warm.