Monday, August 17, 2015

Montana Adventure Day 11

Today, Quinn and I went out and about.  We ended up at Ft. Owen State Park, MT.  Have to say it was not what I expected!  Just a small area fenced off from someone's ranch but it was interesting, and Quinn could go all around.  Some of these photos are of the actual fort or parts of it, some are just beautiful Bitterroot Valley, MT taken FROM Fort Owen!

Support beam, you know how I LOVE architectural details!

This another one of those brilliant solutions someone came up with!  Use some old piece of iron as a gate closer!  Push the gate open the iron goes up, let go and the iron falls and closes the gate!  BRILLIANT!

After we looked around we drove through the valley.  It was pretty but not breath-taking, I wasn't too impressed.

Tomorrow is moving day!

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a good yarn said...

Reminds me of all those Westerns we watched as kids. I love the architectural details on buildings too. Is it really Big Sky Montana?