Sunday, August 16, 2015

Montana Adventure Day 10

Here we are all settled in!

Stashed between two big buses!  We always look so tiny (until you see a popup or the cute little tent trailers that a Harley pulls.)

This morning started with a trip to O'Reilly's Auto Parts for a new battery, as planned, they also had white lithium grease!  They were good enough to install the new battery and now I don't have to worry about the truck not starting on some backroad miles from anywhere and without cell service!  All that's possible in Montana!

Then I hit the Quilt shop!  I bought these:
The horses for Ethan's quilt and the other two for my stash.  Not buying much fabric am I?  That's mostly because my crafting of quilts is going to take a back stage to other endeavors.  I'm getting much better than I was but I am still not passionate about it and I think I'd like to find my passion and spend my time at that.

I also hit a yarn shop, I used to knit a lot.  It fell beside the way when I couldn't afford the yarn or the time.  Now I can.  Like quilting though I only buy yarn for specific projects.  So I didn't buy any here.

It seems like day 10 is always the day I hit a wall on my travels!  I was looking at the maps trying to decide how to go home.  There are four ways, two I do not want to travel-I-80 I did coming out, no more Nebraska for me! I-90 goes through So Dakota, I've been that way a couple of times don't want to go again.  That leaves North through Helena and out onto the plains of eastern Montana and No Dakota.  I've never been out there and there are a couple of things I'd like to see but I'm afraid there would be DAYS of driving across empty plains, on back roads.  Pretty boring.  That leaves a sort of jagged route-I-15 So , through Wyoming on back roads to I-80, then across to Laramie, Wy and go south to Denver where I'd get I-70 (the one that's a few blocks from my house) and go home.  That's the way I'm going to go but today if Scottie had come along and offered to Beam me home I'd have gone!

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a good yarn said...

For me, the day we go home is always the worst. I never seem to get that day quite right and end up crank, irritable and over tired. I've tried planning things, stops, sights but it ends up being a blast to get home. You certainly have travelled some miles and given the truck/trailer a good run. Careful buying when out and about makes good sense. I used to knit but these days I get a pain running down my arm. I've heard of Laramie. Wasn't there a tv show called the Man from Laramie or something similar? I'd love to see that country but of course I haven't seen my own yet! Happy Trails!