Saturday, July 18, 2015

See title of last entry-nothing's changed

That's right, rain, high humidity-breathing water here-and heat.  So what's a girl to do?  Why install new base trim in the living room and hall of course!  It's all cut and nailed on-good thing I have tools and know how to use them- or at least can figure out how to use them, those things are trickier than a sewing machine!  Tomorrow, I'll set nails and fill the gaps etc, then cut and put up one last pice of door trim that has tricky cuts.  Monday, I'll put paint on everything in between picking up the camper, I Hope, and talking to the man about new garage doors for this place.  The only big thing left is to replace an interior door, clean and wax floors, pull weeds and scrub till my arms drop off!  Then call the Realtor!

There are other ongoing projects, of course, sewing and other wise.  I'll be getting back to them soon.

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