Monday, July 27, 2015

Here's my new Home!

Finally got my new trailer home today and began loading and getting ready to go out first part of next week!  I haven't settled on a name for her yet-just need to let her tell me what suits her. When I have the inside completely to rights I'll take some photos of the inside, right now it's a proper mess.  I practiced backing up today, hum.  I do okay if I can go at it straight, tomorrow I'll try more of an angle.  I have to learn to do it without a spotter and that's a bit tough.  I don't really care if it's perfectly straight, in fact sometimes I'd prefer it be crooked but I don't want to run over anything.

I've also been doing the final stuff to my house so that I can sell it.  I spent the last week crawling around on the floor putting in new base trim-oh my aching everything!  That is done, new garage doors and openers went in on Friday-boy are they nice.  If I had a car that fit in my garage that would be perfect!

On Saturday, Beth, Lucas and the boys came to help and quite a bit got marked off the list.  It looked like Disaster 202 but it's been down sized to disaster 101 now that the living room is back to rights.
Tonight I'm going to clean up the kitchen and finish the laundry, re-make the bed and shower!  Oh my goodness the heat and humidity are awful.  Quinn barely goes outside and only stays a minute-I feel I need to stand at the door as I've barely time to walk away before she wants in.  I'm promising her cooler temperatures by the end of next week!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

See title of last entry-nothing's changed

That's right, rain, high humidity-breathing water here-and heat.  So what's a girl to do?  Why install new base trim in the living room and hall of course!  It's all cut and nailed on-good thing I have tools and know how to use them- or at least can figure out how to use them, those things are trickier than a sewing machine!  Tomorrow, I'll set nails and fill the gaps etc, then cut and put up one last pice of door trim that has tricky cuts.  Monday, I'll put paint on everything in between picking up the camper, I Hope, and talking to the man about new garage doors for this place.  The only big thing left is to replace an interior door, clean and wax floors, pull weeds and scrub till my arms drop off!  Then call the Realtor!

There are other ongoing projects, of course, sewing and other wise.  I'll be getting back to them soon.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Heat, humidity, repeat daily

I'm constantly amazed by the power of blogging.  While I sit and swelter in actual temperatures in the high 90Fs and "feels like" temps in the 105-115F range my blogging friends down under are freezing.  We are both getting rain.  While I always knew in a sort of "oh yeah" way that their seasons are the reverse of mine it really hits home when  you feel as if you know someone via their blog.  I don't really know them, of course, have only the barest idea of what they even look like, still they are important to me-wierd.  We're like the pen pals of the 21st century.  Unlikely to ever meet but caring at a distance.

Speaking of the heat, it's a good thing I took the photo of the many bells in my header when I did because they look horrid now.  Wrung out by heat and too much rain.  My veggie garden looks pathetic as well, lots of tomatoes on the plant but nothing is getting ripe, green peppers but not even a start on the red pepper plant.  Then there's the oak trees.  The two pin oaks will be naked soon, so many leaves have fallen.  I sit on my deck and watch them fall just like in November.  The fungus hits pin oaks really hard but isn't supposed to kill them unless it hits in consecutive summers.  I do have REALLY green grass, especially for this time of the year.

Last week I did something that for most of my life would have been unimaginable.  I got a tattoo.

A Celtic symbol of courage, it's to remind me to have courage and also to mark a new beginning in my life.  Since Larry passed in 2009 I've been trying to find myself and to put myself on firm footing in the life I want to live.  I've done lots of thinking and there is much work to be done but I think I'm at a point where progress will be made.  I'm mostly finished with just slipping along from day to day, mostly finished with hiding in books and projects.  I'm ready to dig in and make a new life.  So a tattoo on the inside of my left wrist where I can't miss it.  A constant reminder of what I'm trying to be and to have the courage to stand up for myself. Onward.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Murder most fair.

I confess.  I am a cold-hearted murderer.  I have murdered four mice in the past two days!  I am not contrite!  I hadn't been  in the studio much since the toe surgery-being that I was one with the sofa--so when I came down on Saturday and noticed tell-tale little black dots I started looking around.  I had a mouse in the garage earlier this spring who had gotten into some food and I cleared that up but for some insane reason I didn't go buy a mouse trap and complete the process.  Then I made a wrist rest for Rob and filled  it with rice.  That's good, but I left the unused rice in the studio in case he wanted a second one-not a good idea.  Most of the rice was gone from the bag and I found little piles of it in the drawers holding my fat quarters!  I think I'm still cleaning up-but the mouse traps are doing their job and hopefully I'll be mouse free soon.

Last night I once again spent the evening in the basement watching radar looking for hook echos and listening to weathermen and their helpers while a big storm came through producing two small tornados.  More damage was caused by flooding from the torrential rain, only tree damage from the twisters.  This is really odd for this time of the year, very late for twisters.

On other, happier, fronts.  I finally found a travel trailer that I think I can be happy with!  Will go out on Friday and begin the process of buying it.  I'll post photos once it's mine.  I plan to take it to Montana for a long trip.  I want to use this time to make some major changes to my life and I think being away will be helpful--also I really want to go to Montana!

I've finally done some sewing-made more burp rags for Ryan.  This is every new parents favorite gift and they always ask for more.  I'm working at dressing his bear, might finish that tonight.  Then it's on to some puzzle balls.  I'm going to Columbia on Sunday and I'd like to take these when I go.  Then there will be new photos of our boy!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Catch UP!

It seems like a lot happened around here this week but really I felt like I was becoming the sofa!  Keeping my foot elevated so that the toe does not swell up.  I'm impatient with it even though I know I have a couple of weeks before I can hope to have full function.

I finally got power restored Sunday about 2 pm-something like 60 hours without electricity.  Luckily, it wasn't hot and humid that came later in the week but by then I had power and air conditioning!  We had another being storm come through Tuesday about 2am (what is it about 2 am? And Why does my beloved dog stand at the back door and park at thunder then?) Without the 60mph winds though so no power outages at my house anyway.  With that rain we closed out the months of May/June with the 2nd highest rainfall totals in history!  The highest was in 1915-I find that interesting.  Yesterday, it started raining sheets about 5:30pm and the next thing you know my phone was going off with tornado warnings!  Spent about 4 hours in the basement watching the local channel coverage of three tornados that touched down, briefly, two in Lees Summit and one in Pleasant Hill.  Lees Summit is a fairly large suburb, the tornados hit on the northern edge and did relatively little damage (power lines, trees, cars blown around and a semi tractor blown over) I don't think the Pleasant Hill one did much damage.  The thing about tornados-they are terrifying, I mean look what happened to Dorothy, but are usually narrow in scope and short in duration as opposed to a hurricane for instance.  If you take cover you are unlikely to be hurt and the rest is just stuff.  There were actually two super cells that merged and separated mostly over Lees Summit.  Daughter Beth lives in South Lees Summit-there was no damage but feet of water in their streets.  Today has been a drippy day, gray and damp.  I really hope the weather excitement is over!

I haven't done any creating in weeks, perhaps tomorrow.