Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Finally a bit of work.

I went to the toe doc on Monday.  He re-aligned the pin in my toe and fiddled with the alignment of my toenail-he even admitted it was cosmetic.  It was painful.  I had planned to go look at a travel trailer in Olathe while on that side of the state line but between the re-alignment and all the crutching I just didn't have it in me.  Yesterday, I was back on the sofa with my toe up.  All the re-alignemnt made it very sore again.  Good news is that he may take the pin out on the 25th-I'm really hoping for that!

Today, I managed to do a few things.  Pulled a few (very few) weeds, potted up an avocado I started from a pit, finished off the last bit of laundry and somehow got it upstairs, and finished some burp rags.  I'm going back downstairs in a few minutes to do some more sewing.  I've figured out a way to keep my foot up  both at my machine and in the rocker where I hand sew.  

It hasn't rained today, so far, but it is dark and dismal outside.  We are to be on the edge of the remains of TS Bill so rain is in the forecast but not the really heavy stuff.  I sure will be happy to see some sunshine-also in the forecast but I'll believe it when I see it!

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a good yarn said...

I hope your toe stops throbbing soon and it's terrific news that the pin might come out early. Funnily enough, I don't need a sore toe to have a day on the couch! It's raining here - more like melted snow. Pity I have to go to work. I'd rather be at home sewing. Still work pays the bills and let's me indulge in fabric.