Sunday, May 24, 2015


What is it about garages?  Designed to hold your car out of the elements, instead they hold everything except my truck!  Also prove to be the most difficult room in the house to clean!  From that you must guess that I've been working at cleaning my garage.  Which my truck would not fit in if it was empty and it is not.  So instead of a car it holds all the "stuff" from the rest of the house that has no home, sigh.  I need to have the doors and door openers replaced though and that means it has to be tidied up and re-arranged so the installers can get to the tracks etc.  I haven't ordered the doors yet, mostly because this moving about hadn't happened.  I spent a good part of yesterday and a couple of hours today in there and I probably have another day's work to go.  Some of the problem is that I have donations to re-home, I'll take at least one load on Tuesday (if it isn't raining.)  Also discovered that the cat hadn't been doing his job (not that he ever has) and I have had a little mouse in there and into the "pantry" shelves.  I don't have a lot of storage in my kitchen so I was keeping excess on shelves, all that had to be brought upstairs and put away.  Well, I'm still looking for a spot for the pasta.  Also thanks to the little squeaky guy the grass seed bag had holes in it so grass seed had to be spread and cleaned up.  Never did see the mouse so perhaps he vacated when the weather warmed up.  Or maybe he caught a glimpse of the cat!

I have managed some sewing though--there are 10 burp rags finished.  Need to get them done as he'll be home Wednesday!

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a good yarn said...

Our garage is much the same. It just becomes the dumping ground for stuff that can't or won't fit in the house. I've found an access point in the pantry cupboard which needs a bit of that expanding foam. Too late for the wheat filled heat pack though. I bet Wednesday can't come quickly enough!