Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ryan's Surgery

In a bit over 9 hours, at 7:45 Eastern time, Ryan will have surgery.  It is expected to take most of the day.  The Doctor will decide in surgery whether the gap can be closed now or if they will have to grow his esophagus.  I don't remember being this nervous since Scott's heart rate went off the bottom of the monitor!  I believe with every fiber of my being that Ryan will be just fine-perfect in fact-when the surgery is over, still he's a baby.

I'd ask you all to think of them (and the rest of us) tomorrow.  Thanks.

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a good yarn said...

Hey Little Buddy, Grammie (Gail what do the kids call you?) and me are being very brave about your surgery but understand that we need you to come through with flying colours. You see, one day I plan to visit Grammie and I expect to meet you and your big brothers. I might even show you how to throw a boomerang that comes back and you guys need to take me on a bike ride around that beautiful lake.