Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Outdoor Cleaning

In celebration of the lovely warm windless weather we are having here I began spring cleanup-outside.  15 bags of leaves later I have the front yard finished, whew!  Tomorrow, I'll be taking a break from that to rest my sore, aged body.  How I long for a Jacuzzi tub! I should finish leaves on Friday-I'm only cleaning up the really heavy leaf debris in the back as the rest can be mowed.  Maybe three more bags.  I'm going to have a lot of trash to set out on Monday!  (For Ann and anyone else overseas-we are not allowed to burn leaves here and in Missouri it is illegal to put them in the land fill so yard waste must go into large brown paper bags (biodegradable) and taken elsewhere.  The trash company has a separate truck for it Mar to Dec.)

When I finish the leaves I'm going to clean out the garage and the truck.  Leaving the sand bags in my truck another couple of weeks though and Hank the snow thrower, who hasn't been used this winter, out of the shed a bit longer.  (Hank has to have the gas run out of him before I can store him.)  I'll get out the white chairs for the front garden but the rest of the seasonal furniture is going to wait until April.

Called the Sewing machine repair store today and the tech was working on it then maybe I'll get it back tomorrow.  I hope.

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a good yarn said...

15 bags of leaves! That's a lot of leaves. I have a jacaranda which gets pretty messy when it drops its leaf spines and pods but nothing like 15 bags worth. We aren't allowed to burn such material either (unless you are on a rural property of a certain size). Our local government provides a waste service for green material - a 240 litre bin which is emptied fortnightly. Council manages the material at a recycling centre and I think you can purchase it back when it has been made into compost. No having your machine must be frustrating. It always seems so long to pop it in for repair but I guess there are fewer folk doing that work nowadays. Not enough money in it perhaps?