Saturday, February 28, 2015

Winter Lingers

It's cold here and has been snowing off and on all day.  Not much more than an inch out on the deck so far but it isn't finished snowing.  Quinn loves it!  I am growing tired of it, even though I love Winter.  I'm also a bit at loose ends as I am sewing machine less!  I took Jane the Janome in for a check up before I went to St Louis, she won't be home until week after next.  Edna the Elna goes next as she is broken, and I have no way to wind a bobbing for Grace the treadle (need to order a rubber ring-wait maybe I can use a bobbin that I wound for Jane!  Hum,  may have to try that tomorrow!)  Oh well, I'll soon be whining because it's hot--that's a pure fact as I hate the hot weather.

So I spent the day reading and recovering from the trip to St Louis, I'm hitting the bed soon even though it's early.  This trip was much better than the last!  The hotel was fantastic!  Such a big room with so many nice extras I really enjoyed my stay, plus it was really close to the hospital.  I wish I'd stayed there earlier.  Also, I was not caught by a cold while there--thank goodness.

Ryan is a little trooper.  He weighs over 7lbs now and is more alert when he's awake, focusing on things.  Super curious-a new voice or sound and his eyes are open and he's checking it out! Strong- pushes his body up and over his boppy during tummy time.  Knows his own mind as well, he'll tolerate being fussed with until you take his feet out of his footed sleepers.  Then watch out cause he's mad! He had his two month birthday while I was there and he acts like a two month old in  spite of being 6 weeks early.  Amazing boy.  I hear he has a special outfit for St Patrick's day-that's also transfer day.  St Paddy's day in Boston--should be fun!  We will all be glad for his treatments to be finished and have them back home in Columbia!

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a good yarn said...

That's terrific new about Ryan's development - he's a tough little trouper. Glad you had a nice trip to St Louis. Still hot and humid here so a little snow would be welcome. Your winter is really dragging on this year.