Monday, September 1, 2014

Reporting in. . .

In August I only lost 5 pounds, sigh.  What can I say, I still can't ride my bike and it's been HOT so it's a struggle.   I did lose a bit more in inches as well-which explains why I simply can not keep my pants up!  Only need to wear the shorts for a few more weeks though.  Have finally decided that I simply can not eat only 1200 calories a day and still function so I reset my goals to 1 pound a week.  I know I can stay at or under 1500 calories, it will just take a while longer.  I hope to begin water aerobics this month even though it seems a bit silly when I'll be gone most of October.

On other fronts, I've a tidy house again!  The kitchen work is finished and except for some packing up everything is tidy.  Tomorrow, I'll scrub bathrooms to paint trim etc on Wednesday.  By September's end I should be completely finished with the stuff that needed to happen before I could sell the place!  Yeah!  Have no idea when I'll put it on the market or where I'm going when it sells but first things first.

I've been redoing Kolby's patch blanket, adding quilting instead of just ties and resewing all the patches.  I think Brayden's will be less work, just more stitching on his patches.  Ethan's the same.  Don't know what happened on Kolby's but the backing was all wrinkled and a mess-probably sewer error!

Still working on Kolby's Christmas stocking.  I'm at the fold-ugh- it's hard to keep flipping back and forth! In fact that's where I'm headed right now, down to the basement to sew on patches and make x's!