Monday, February 17, 2014

On the wall, on the table. . .

So this is on my design wall:

The center of "Twisted"   The colors really pop against the black, I wasn't sure about the green but it shows up well.  I like the way it's coming out even though the instructions have been a huge pain in the neck to figure out!  I have the next series of blocks nearly finished, working on them for an hour or less most nights.  Not working very hard at it, I've just relaxed about the whole quilting thing.

This, however, is what I've been working hard at:
This is my Town of Kansas research!  I don't think I'll be eating on my kitchen table for a few days!  I've just been typing things onto the computer for the last couple of weeks but today I had a request for information and wanted to be sure I had all my facts correct--my brain is on overflow, really must order more memory!  I was digging and digging looking for all the right stuff and got HUGELY frustrated.  I hauled every piece of information I've acquired in the past several years into the kitchen and began sorting.  On a happy note, I did find the materials I was looking for!  I'm planning to get this organized before I start typing again.  You can see, though, why I'm anxious to have it done.  I did have an interesting afternoon reading the Circuit Court case that began it all--I have no idea how lawyers can STAND to read this kind of stuff all the time!  

Friday, February 7, 2014


I've been thinking about drought lately.  Not here thankfully, I live east of the line of aridity.  I've been reading The Worst Hard Time which is about the Dust bowl of the 1930's on the high plains.  Every time I look at the cover I think of Chookyblue who is a farm wife in Australia where the drought is severe and heartbreaking.  My son in San Diego is living with a serious drought, in fact all of California is.  They're taking measures to save water and the lawn is dying-to which he says "Cool, I won't have to mow."  Lifestyles have to change and it could happen any where, any time.  Even here, east of the line of aridity, I've lived with droughts.  Usually only for one year though, the dust bowl was for 8 and Chooyblue said they've not had good rain since 2011.  She's putting photos up on her blog-check them out.  Think about how drought affects us all--the biggest effect most of us see are at the grocery store as the cost of food rises.  Then think about what global climate change really means in terms of human (and animal) suffering.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


It snowed all day yesterday and into the night, 1/2 to 1 inch an hour!  So this morning I woke up to this:
The table on my deck!
I measured the snow on the table where I could reach, 10.5 inches!

Yesterday traffic was basically non-existant as everyone stayed home, today it would be difficult for me to get out as the snowplows haven't been by as yet.  Brayden and Kolby haven't had school yet this week and tomorrow is already cancelled!  As Beth says they'll be going to school in July!  Quinn is loving it, the drifts threatened to stop her dead at first but she has all her paths broken in now.  The sun is bright and the snow brighter.

For the first time I can remember, EVER, I am anxious for Spring.  I think it's because I had all those knee issues last fall and couldn't do much of anything outside like ride my bike or even walk much so my winter "down"time has been really long.  Unhappily, it will be several more weeks before I can say that Spring is here.  Sigh :((