Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A little recap!

Christmas was a lovely day, I'm just sitting here drinking my morning tea and thinking about it!
Speaking of tea, I don't drink coffee.  Larry drank coffee, my parents and grandparents drank coffee, so I drank coffee-for about 40 years!  For years I tried to find a really "good" coffee, no luck.  Finally, I realized that I just don't like coffee and went back to tea-which I love! Always have, even as a very young child.  I have to wonder what took me so long, I think it's the fact that coffee smells so amazing! I received some lovely "Tea"related things for Christmas: an electric tea kettle from Scott and Bri, a perfect tea maker (by Tevana) and a pound of Keemun tea! (from Steve, Candice and Nora)  I'm all set now, perhaps I'll actually use some of the tea pots I've collected over the years.

I'll tell you about my other gifts in installments!  Maybe that will keep me posting!

Scott and Bri came up Christmas Eve, being the first to use my new guest room!  On Christmas morning we descended on Beth and Lucas!  It's easier to go to them than for them to haul the boys and gifts here and they have a bigger house!  Although, it took a great many trips to unload all the cars (and then re-load them in the evening-a bit lighter.)

Amazingly, I completed all the sewing projects I decided to make for gifts!  I wish I didn't decide at the last minute to add projects to the list!  Brayden wanted his room decorated in University of Missouri (MIZZOU) stuff and I decided to give him that.  Buying sheets, blanket, a big 3x5 foot flag and other wall art then I made the curtains and a valance that has the chant the boys made up apliqued on it.  It was cool that Brayden recognized the chant as soon as he saw it!  Did I mention that he reads chapter books now?  In the first grade!  So cool, another bookworm in a family of bookworms!

More about other gifts later!

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a good yarn said...

So you are a fellow tea drinker? Best part about holiday breaks - maki ng proper tea not teabags. So glad you had such a lovely Christmas and that Brayden is cock-a-hoop about his MIZZOU makeover. ann :-)