Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's finished! Mostly.

I'm sure you all thought I'd fallen off the edge of the world!  Really, I only fell into the basement.  Once Rob and Tanya moved into their own place their old space looked like this:

 Half carpet half mastic coated cement floor!  Ugly color on the walls!
 Under stair area closed off!  No place to hide in a big storm!

Now it looks like this:
 New floor tile, all 436 tiles laid by me.  New paint on ceiling and walls.  Trim along floor added (also new door to laundry room-old one had a cat door in it I no longer need.)  A big toy for the big boys!  My Dad's pool table.  Boy was that fun to put up, NOT.
 TV viewing area!  I nearly have a chase lounge there on the end.
 New place for the children's books, puzzles and toys! A place for game playing. (Now I can have a guest bedroom upstairs!)
Under stair opened up, for a hide-away in case of a tornado, or for the boys to play in!
There are a few things left to be finished up but it's waiting until after the holidays, I'm beat.

Tomorrow, it's time to prep for Turkey Day!  I do hope to get some time in the sewing room/office, although it will mostly be clean up.  That needs to be done so badly!  I plan to sew all day on Friday with one dvd movie after another on my little tv.  I'll take time out to walk with Quinn and eat but that's about all.  I need a break!


Anonymous said...

Good golly you have been busy. If we can stop by next year, do not show Dieter the basement with pool table. You will never get him out of there.

Everything looks great. I'm tired just looking at all you did.

blessings, jill

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