Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Deck is GONE!!

 I began the day with this deck.  A shaky affair with flooring (and floor joist) so soft that Quinn had dug a hole clear through!  I mean I could see the ground through her hole.  Silly girl.
 The guys got right to work and soon had most of the railing off and started in on that soft floor-no more holes (at least on the deck) for Quinn!
 The supervising crew:  Kolby, Brayden and Braxton!
 The floor joist are going!
 Rob is removing some of the MANY bolts he and Larry put in a few years ago.
 The Supervisor is on the job, this time just Kolby.
 The stairs took the longest but soon they went as well and Rob is breaking up the cement pad at the bottom.  It had to go, to make room for the new deck foundations but I'll miss the handprints to be found there!
 Shawn and Jason toting!  Much work was also done by Tomas and Heather!
 This is what is left, waiting for the new deck scheduled for Oct 17th.  In the meantime---
 It's very dark but it says DO NOT OPEN THIS DOOR  A reminder to me that it's
A long way down!

After all the work was done, and the roll-off full, we had a Mexican dinner!  My kids love it when I put on a full feast so that was their reward for all the hard work!

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