Monday, September 17, 2012

Empty Nest!

It's official,  I have joined the empty nesters!  My last son, Rob, and his girl Tanya moved into their own place on Sunday!  Rob was the one that left and came home, left and came home, but this time I think leaving will take!  I'm happy for them.  Everyone should get to grow up and live on their own.  I'm a little sad for me, a little happy too.  I have my whole house to myself-the last time I lived alone was 1976 and then I lived in my parents house (they were living in Colorado, the house I lived in was in Independence.)   This time I get to decided how to use the basement spaces and all that.  So that's exciting.  Also gets some more things off the "This must be done before I can sell this house" list.  I have lists for everything!

Although I have quite a bit of work ahead on the inside besides the basement (like a really good cleaning) I decided to concentrate on the lawn and gardens this week, and probably next as well.  The extreme heat and dryness of the past summer left me with a lawn of weeds and bare spots.  Although the bare spots are quickly being taken over by dandylions!  Today, I put the de-thatching blade on the mower and tore up the front yard but good!  Then I had to rake all that dead grass up and put it into bags for the trash folks.  I' m tired.  Tomorrow I will buy some top soil and a great deal of grass seed and Wednesday I will fill in holes and over seed it all then it will be water, water, water unless I get lucky and it rains.:)  Oh, and after all that I have to do the back, sigh.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the empty nest. Though my son is living with us, he is gone so much it feels as if we still have an empty nest.

blessings, jill