Friday, May 25, 2012

Thunder! Rain!

It began raining last night about 8, just as Quinn and I were headed out for a walk around the neighborhood.  We haven't had any rain for a couple of weeks so cracks are forming in the ground and I've been watering flower gardens and baby grass so I'm glad to see it's raining and that it's coming down slow enough to soak into the ground not run across it!  I'll try and get some photos when the rain stops, while most of the flowering is over (this has been an unusually early spring!) the front garden looks like a vibrant green jungle!  Sort of a short one but that's okay.  I've added a few "tweaks" this spring and will add more as I go.  Having the two trees taken out means the garden is in the sun a great deal more so I need some plants that like more sun and bloom more.  Gardens are always a work in progress I think.

Quinn has spent the morning running out into the rain.  She is now very damp.

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