Thursday, April 12, 2012

Where have I been? I have no idea!

I can't believe I've been silent here for so long, lucky you.  Really haven't done anything exciting.  Made some little houses (ongoing count on side bar), cut scraps until I hit the bottom of the basket!  Nearly finished one set of gift bags for the holidays--only a bit of handwork on these four red ones, then four green and 3 blue ones-the blue are up for this week.  I've worked a bit in the yard, but real spring weather has arrived, unlike those two days of 90F when I seriously considered the air conditioning it is down in the 50-60sF and the heat is back on.  We need some rain and the weather guesses say we should get some, add in the dreary gray skies and perhaps some will fall.  I have been reading even more than usual-mostly novels, very light stuff.  I go on binges with that sort of thing! I did manage to get some work in on the Town of Kansas-mitacles do happen!  Anyway, nothing really going on--the usual most boring person in the world stuff!  ( I said that to a couple of my sons, they both argued that THEY were the most boring person in the world! )

I've been cutting the walls for more little houses, I am WAY behind on the one per day thing so I just hope to have all 366 done by year end.

This morning makes the second Thursday in a row that our Tanya has found one of her elderly cats dead.  One was expected, the other a total shock.  It is very hard on her as she had had them for 16 years and they are the last living link to her Mom who passed in 2005 (I think).  She bounces back better as time passes but the one lonely guy left will get lots of attention!

I'm off to work on the taxes--leaving it a bit late this year, sigh.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need a trip to CA;-) Maybe this time we could actually meet!!!

I feel the same way, life is boring. I can not paint here, thrifting is more expensive and no one who lives here with me notices I do anything. When I do explain what I did all does sound boring.

Hopefully this boredom will leave us both soon.

blessings, jilly
ps. those hexie ornaments, did you back them with felt, wool?

a good yarn said...

I quite enjoy my *boring* life and yes, I think less is happening in mine than yours. I hope you get some much needed rain especially as we seemed to get more than our fair share over summer(really? what summer?). As for sewing...well...ummm...I'm thinking about doing some this weekend. I miss those crazy bias seams! So sorry to read about Tanya's puddy tats. ann :-)