Friday, March 30, 2012

Another project off the list!

Today I get to mark another UFO off my "TO DO" list!  These 16 hexie ornaments:

A closer look ( had to hunt for a ruler with both English and Metric on it!)
Again, some of these will go on my sewing room tree and some will be gifted!  I think they would be cute as a"bow" on a package.

Jilly, asked for a photo of my lilac bush so here it is:

When we moved into this house in 2000 this bush was a sadly neglected thing that I really thought would have to be taken out but after I trimmed it and lavished some love on it I think it will survive!  It has bloomed each year for the past 8 years and every year there are more blossoms.  I wish I could send along the smell it creates, I think it's my favorite flower smell!

Kolby was here for several days this week, well three-does that constitute several?  He was sent home Monday with pink eye.  Along with the misery of that his allergies are horrid, so his nose is stuffy and running and his asthma is acting up.  Adding insult to all of that he developed a contact rash!  Three trips to Urgent care, three different sets of medication the last being steroids.  I hope that fixes him up!  (It usually does me!)

Quinn is at Camp today which makes for a very quiet day for me.  I took myself off to the Genealogy library for a little while, I really have to get back to work on the Town of Kansas.  After taking two years off while Larry was sick it has been really hard to get back into!  After that I walked around the antique mall for a bit, until the knee said "owee" too many times.  Since I've been home I have worked on the Town of Kansas, well printed some newer versions of spreadsheets I developed out-have to go get ink so I can finish that. and finished up the ornaments.  I have many more things on the "TO DO" list I just have to pick one.

On the Knee front, I have an appointment with the knee surgeon on Monday to talk about options.  Those seem to be:  orthoscopic  surgery to repair a possible torn miniscus (doubt that's spelled properly), a partial knee replacement or a full knee replacement.  Different shots were mentioned but I would need assurances that they would help the pain.  In the meantime I am learning to live with the various levels of pain.

Much work in the garden tomorrow!  Maybe after I have weeded them I'll post some more photos.  This is the best time for blooms,  I intend to plants more flowering plants in empty spots this year and to plant more hydrangeas.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the pics of your beautiful lilac bush!!! I saved the second one to my desktop. I usually shut down my computer after I am done, but now I will leave it on to enjoy the beauty.

And thanks for the inspiration with the hexies. Never, never thought to do them as ornaments. I am getting a bit tired of finding broken ones in the ornament box.

Please give Kolby a hug for me. I had an asthma attack last a small Mom and Pop place here in town. While eating they started to clean the floor with Pine-Sol, my number one asthma trigger. I hate asthma!!

blessings, jilly