Saturday, February 18, 2012

Scrappy Saturday Update

I really don't have many green scraps, or not the kelly green I wanted to work with.  Originally I had a lame idea that I could take four patch "hearts" and turn them into shamrocks for St Pats, thus the reason for kelly green as that's the color you see the most of in Ireland.  Did. Not. Work.  But, I liked the blocks a lot anyway so I made six:
In fact I liked them so much I decided to make these blocks from each color to make a rainbow quilt at the end of the year!  So I made the red ones too!
See the center fabric in these blocks?  It's from the 1970's!  No kidding, I used it to make an apron (still have the apron too!)

No sewing otherwise.  I did get down those boxes from the attic-I thought there were two but guess what, there were four!  I'm beginning to sort and store those as before.

The past week has been crazy and I don't feel I accomplished much in any area, sigh.  Next week my California kids are coming to town!  Can't wait to see them, bet Nora has grown a foot!


scraphappy said...

Super cute. Sounds like a fun Shamrock idea, but I like the blocks you came up with instead.

Anonymous said...

Some of my best quilts didn't turn out as I planned, yours will too. Going to be a beauty all those different colors.

blessings, jilly

Sheila said...

I like these blocks. I'm looking forward to seeing your rainbow quilt in December.

Scrappy quilter said...

Great job!

Elly D said...

These blocks look really neat! The green is a lovely green too. Looking forward to seeing how this project developes.

a good yarn said...

Your blocks look terrific even though they weren't what you intended. I like the idea of a rainbow quilt. It will be fun having family visit. ann :-)