Saturday, February 11, 2012

A little "tweaking"

So there have already been a couple of upgrades to the sewing room.   Out there in blogville I've noticed several folks displaying old sewing machines-working and not- in their sewing rooms.  Then some folks have cried because their beloved sewing machine sewed it's last stitch.  The two combined made me think. Scary, huh.  I had my old Elna down in the garage, could not bear to part with it even though it no longer works and can't be repaired as parts are no longer available.  I bought it in 1973 as a college graduation gift to myself and it must have made a million (or three) stitches.  A nearly all metal, computerless machine that was mostly trouble-free (you really can't count as trouble the time my then three year old son filled the inside of the machine with pins and assorted sewing stuff.  He was so proud of himself, for cleaning up my sewing, sigh.)  It finally broke while I was stitching a bag to hold the youngest son's music and stand.  That was 6 or 7 years ago.  So today I brought it upstairs, cleaned it up good and set it up on top of the sewing shelves.
I still loved the way that machine worked.

Otherwise, I tided up the closet and moved empty boxes out. Put in reasonable, useable order the rest of the boxes.

Still need to label everything but I just can't get into it right now.

I did finish cutting squares of the precious little green I have in the way of scraps, hoping for a table runner maybe.  Or maybe just some blocks to add to others later in the year, who knows.

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