Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What's Up?

So the past two days have been dark and dismal, dripping from the sky.  Today was so dark and so dismal I turned on all the Christmas trees this morning!  They normally don't come/go on until 4 pm but it was so dark in here I hit the "on" button on all the timers!  Made me think of "Darling Dora and her Dazzling Diamond D" (an old Sesame Street story we read to the children) there was a "dragon in a deep, dark, dank, dreary dungeon"!  It really hampers the old spirits, even with extra vitamin D.  To top the weather I had a griping session with the Extended Service plan for the dryer.  You'll remember it was broken in October when I got home from California, it took three weeks for the part to arrive (and then only because I complained to Lowe's) the tech that came to fix it (from At Your Service), left it broken in other ways-assuring me it was just fine to use it, only it wasn't just fine and began to damage clothing.  Two weeks ago, while driving to get Quinn, I called them because their tech had broken it and they came out.  Had to order more parts, last Monday I called to check on the status of the repair-waiting on parts.  Called yesterday on status of repair, waiting on parts.  I grumbled, a lot, this is taking too long.  I was told they would check on it and call me back.  They didn't so I called Lowe's today, they ordered the parts yesterday!  I belly ached long and loud-but of course that still won't get the dryer fixed until after, most likely, Christmas.  After that I had to go to the bank, and then the RV place to get a part for the trailer.  The RV place didn't have the same part (of course) so they sent me home with a different one which they thought would work, although I might have to change out the top as well.  Supposed to be easy, yeah right.  I couldn't get it on today but I was still so frustrated by the dryer I think that may have been part of it.  I hope that's all it is as it will NOT be easy to change the top!  After all that I came in and fumed at myself for my lack of tidiness and cleaned my office so I could sew.  It has not been a good few days--please, please let the sun come out tomorrow!

Thank goodness for Quinn, she is really good at raising your mood!  Poor thing though, I really messed up her ears with the glue on Sunday.  I didn't read the instructions (come on, it's glue!) and got way too much on them she got her feet into it and well suffice it to day she is a sad looking little thing (which makes me sad).  The glue remover doesn't work very fast and she hates it.  I put baby oil on it and it's working-well it's turned it into a gummy mess but that is coming out.  I wonder if I put peanut butter on that, humm.  She'd probably try to eat her ear, just to get to the peanut butter!

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a good yarn said...

If we had any sunshine here Gail I'd sent it right over but our summer is one long grey wet streak. What ever happened to good service and techs who knew how to fix things? Sigh. I'm confused - you are gluing your dog's ear? Let's hope a some sun brightens your day. ann :-)