Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The bags are packed and so is the truck!

In the morning I'm headed west again!  Destination is still San Diego, where Steve and his family live.  I'm going out for Nora's birthday-I can't believe she will be two!  Time is just evaporating!  I am taking some large things to him and bringing home some larger things for me, more later.  I am taking a slower path than I have in the past and will try to see some more of our national parks and monuments.  In all I'll be on the road for a bit over two weeks.  It is a very long drive out and back so this may be the last trip in the truck-I think I'll just start flying out now and again.  If it weren't for those big things going and coming I would likely have done that this time.

I'll try to keep a travel log as I did last year but internet may be spotty!

It's been a lovely fall, cool nights and warm days, still dry (we could use a good rain but it's just so pleasant!)  I'm hoping the weather is pleasant all the way!


Andrea said...

Just take good care of yourself and have a lovely time with your family xxx

a good yarn said...

Have a wonderful trip! Drive safely. ann :-)