Saturday, September 24, 2011


Apparently my Math skills are not what they should be!  I can't measure and divide by two and correctly fit the cabinet!  Also my idea to cut off the fronts of the drawers using the jigsaw and then screw on the new front didn't work, sigh.  So, tomorrow I am ordering drawer boxes and new doors for this cabinet.  I am tired of working on it, although I will still be doing work in there each day with this little set back I won't be finished until well after I return from San Diego.  I feel like the most boring person on earth!  All I've talked about for weeks and weeks is the kitchen-so no more.  When it its all finished I will post before and after photos and I may mention in passing that I've done something (like put my cookbooks on the new bookshelf or trim or something) but no posts just about the remodel.

On that note, this morning I took a look at Lee's Summit's Oktober Fest.  Not very big, although they did have locally made crafts in the craft tents.  I was totally disappointed by the lack of funnel cakes!  I could really have used a funnel cake this morning!

I have done a little quilting in the past couple of weeks.  I have all the bag pieces together and have machine quilted two of them (two I've done by hand with big stitches).  I've never really had any luck with machine quilting but I used my quilting foot (well, duh!) and they went quite quickly and nicely.  I expect I'll be doing the rest this way as I'd like to finish them and use them this Christmas!

I spent the afternoon cleaning the house as Rob and Tanya are having guests tomorrow.  It looks better than it has in a really long time but there is still much cleaning to be done before the holidays.  My office/sewing room looks like a hurricane hit and the extra room (where I do hand work and watch tv) is full of trim, tools, and all the stuff I couldn't figure out where to put!

Tomorrow, I'm off to Columbia to deliver a bed to Scott and Bri.  My Dad no longer needed it but Scott and Bri have empty bedrooms.  Next time I go down for an over night I will have a real bed!


a good yarn said...

Oh no! What a nuisance! It's a shame your idea for the drawer fronts didn't work. No funnels cakes is definitely a bust. Now that I know what they are I would have been disappointed too. ann :-)

Ali said...

Thanks for your excellent advice on our trip west next summer! It is just what I am hoping will happen with starting the new blog, that people in-the-know will comment.

We will definitely consider I-70 either going or coming. We have family in Chicago so we're still figuring our when we'll stop there, heading west or east.

Had to laugh about your oops -- laughing with you! I can't tell you how many times that had happened to us. At least it wasn't a big new window or something equally as expensive to fix. Your kitchen will look great, love those floors!