Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time for a Kitchen update!

Wow, a whole week has passed!  I worked on the kitchen every day except one and I have nothing to show in pictures!  All the "this must be done before I can paint the cabinets" are finished.  Today I primed a bit over half the cabinets, inside and out!  Rob said I had as much paint on me as I did on the cabinets, even in my hair!  As it's oil based paint I have scrubbed several layers of skin off!  This time next week I should be finished with the cabinet boxes/frames, then I will have to paint doors and drawer fronts-after they are delivered of course.  Tomorrow I will put a coat of paint on, inside and out and then I can return my kitchen to some sort of order!  I'll have to begin early in the morning as it is Brayden's night at Granna's and I'll need to be at the bus stop about 3:30pm and I'll need time to scrape away all the skin-I mean paint!

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a good yarn said...

Oh Gail, I have a vision of you and that paint! Not laughing at you mind but with you as I'm rather adept at painting myself as well. Ann :-)