Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kitchen Remodel Update

Here's where I am with the kitchen.  It's a big mess!  I have only two more sections of uppers to strip the red paint from, YEAH!!  All the doors and drawer fronts will be replaced so they don't get stripped.  I've pulled the trim from around the openings to the hall and living room as I plan to "wrap" those openings with drywall, giving a cleaner and more updated look.  I called an electrician to move a plug up the wall and fix the "oops" from hanging a curtain rod.  Caused a short which disabled two plugs and a light.  He was a no-show though.  Guess it's back to square one on that.  Tomorrow I'll do one more section of cabinets, wrap the openings,  and repair the many holes (both large and small)  in the drywall,  after I go buy drywall.  Will finish with stripping on Monday and begin sanding on Tuesday.   Next weekend I'll be a little further along, I hope.  At this rate it'll be Thanksgiving before I get done!

I'm adding a shelf in the extra room closet tomorrow as well.  I need to have more space for the boys' toys.  They've just been sitting in boxes and tubs in the room so having the closet arranged better will make that space more attractive!  That room is where I sit, stitch and watch the tube.

Along with demolition, etc today, I bought some sunflowers (fake) for the living room vase and did some computer work inputing data for my Town of Kansas Research.  Had a little rain early but the heat is back.  Ah well, summer in Missouri!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I make a big OOPS!  The Bar begins tomorrow!  Go Bri!

Cross Stitch update

Posted by PicasaAs you can see not a lot of stitching has been done in the past two weeks, sigh.  I've been working on the wall out in back and in the gardens every morning in spite of the heat and it just knocks me out!  Today, I didn't work outside and I feel much better, so I guess the walls will have to wait for cooler weather!

I have been stripping one section of the cabinets in the kitchen and have finished most of the demo (only the trim around doors and windows remain to come down.  I should be finished with the stripping on Monday-unless I get energetic and do two sections in one day.  Doubt that'll happen.

Today, I found my sewing room/office.  In that I've cleaned it again and moved things a bit, it seems I do that every week!  I just have too small a space for everything I have in that room!  I am working to finish things and get them out of here but it's very slow, sigh. 

On Thursday, Bri (my daughter-in-law) takes the Bar exam.  I wish her the best, hopes she gets a good nights sleep tomorrow and has a good breakfast!  I know she will do well as she is very smart! That said, if everyone could remember her on Thursday and send her your best wishes I think that will help!

Friday, July 22, 2011


This is how we all feel. Wilted. Heat indices 110-115F! There is a rumor that we might get a very short break, please the Gods let it be so!
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

More projects!

Inspired by all the re-decorating and re-modeling being done over at The Modern Parsonage, Scott and Bri's place, I have tackled the most hated room of my house, my kitchen!  I've looked at it for the past 11 years trying to figure out how to make it work without breaking the budget and come up empty.  I had a few brain storms lately, some I've tossed and had some more.  First before photos:
First, I've removed all the dark brown paneling and chair rail (thankfully, it was only nailed on!  I was afraid glue had been used which would have torn up the wall board behind it, so YEAH!)  Also, all the floor trim has been removed.

Second, I've removed the tiny and almost useless tall cabinet on the right of the last photo as well as the tiny cabinet to it's left.  The cabinets were built in place and are one piece on each wall, getting them out was a real chore!  The funky opening left there was created when my new frig didn't fit in the hole. (Yes, we measured-twice-and still lacked about a 1/4 inch of it fitting.)  The now open place will get open shelving to display my collection of blue glass canning jars (I use them to store food in.)

Third, I moved the one foot cabinet seen on the left of the frig over to the left of the stove.  The stove was directly next to the cabinets on the window wall and always made me feel closed in.  This little one footer in the space gained by taking out the tiny and almost useless tall cabinet makes me feel a bit less cramped!

Now, I'm working on removing the wall paper.  Unlike Scott and Bri's experience with that mine is coming off easily, I just don't like standing on the step stool!

Next up:  the dreaded chore of stripping all the cabinet frames.

Once that's done I'll order replacement doors and drawer fronts so all the cabinets have the same look and it will be painted white.  I'm adding a couple of drawer units to the place where the bookcase sits and a bookcase under the end of the island.  Above the drawer units I've a mind to put some shelving to hold my pretty bowls (I seem to collect those as well) and my teapots.  Haven't decided on the decor for the wall above the bench, yet.  If you look at the frig photo again you can see where I "auditioned" paint, I've chosen the green for the walls.  Bamboo flooring, all new white trim, a new sink and laminate counter tops plus a few new light fixtures and it will be a totally different place!

I like to cook and usually spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen but I've slacked off lately as I hate that room soooooo much!

I'm so anxious for it to be finished, but realistically it will take some time and quite a bit of effort before I finish.  It seems that everything I do adds some small detail to the list for me to deal with!

I'll leave you with one photo of the new stove wall (sorry, not a very good one):
Funny brown paint is on the dry wall from the back of the removed cabinets!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday in the Garden

Moss Rose Portulaca, volunteers
There isn't much blooming in the gardens right now, it's just too hot! So I have some garden-related photos instead.
The nursery, wild lupine seedlings.  The wire is too protect them from our chipmunk!
Mexican Heather
Non-stop begonia
Jasmine and Million flowers.
I have made a little progress on the wall in the back.  The end at the deck is done (much digging to do on that end)  and I'm beginning to head down the yard.  I have to re-do a bit tomorrow as I noticed while mowing that it didn't seem level.  Sure enough, in spite of the fact that I was using the level, each block is level but the run is not.  How does that happen?  I have been pulling weeds everywhere, and more to do tomorrow, as the flower beds need some work.  I wish someone would tell me why the weeds don't mind the heat but the flowers do!

Off to make BELTS for supper!  Tomatoes from my plants, yummo!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday's cross stitch update, and maybe other stuff

It's just too hot to spend any time outside today.  Still under a heat advisory, so 105-110F heat indices mean that I stay in unless I just have to go out.  Think we are supposed to have a tiny reprieve tomorrow and maybe Thursday, if so (and it isn't raining) I'll work out in back again.  I've been tackling some financial related stuff-always my favorite- and my office/sewing room, again.  Those two things just never seem to go away!

In keeping with the title of this post, Bri it is begun!

This is the stocking Bri choose:
Again, the toe is pointing in the wrong direction to hang with all the others (and I am not about to begin again).  So, I'm working it in reverse, which isn't really as horrid as it sounds once you have your eye on!
This is how far I've come, there's a long way to go.  I hope to have it finished well before Christmas, that means I have to stitch every day-oh, darn!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday in the Garden, Three

I intended for this to be a weekly feature but I sometimes forget to take the pictures!  Here's what's blooming in my gardens this week:
Phlox in pink!

Larkspur or Delphinium?

I've also begun another project in the yard!  Oh yeah, just what I need another project, but any 
way I'm terracing this hill:
And adding pavers to this eyesore!
As well as under the steps to the deck.  I'm doing them at the same time so that I can use the dirt from the paver projects behind the terrace walls.  I hope to be finished with both projects this month, we''ll see.
The heat is back big time, heat advisory today.  

I also washed my 'yard weight' today (travel trailer-caravan).  I am wanting to sell it and the outside gets filthy sitting under the oak tree!  My arms and shoulders are already screaming at me for holding that brush attached to the hose over my head for so long! Man getting old sucks!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Where does the time go?

I swear it was just the first of June!  I've been trying to finish some indoor projects for a while, not really making any progress on anything.  I just seem to be spinning my wheels these days.  About the only progress I've seen is the recovery of the backyard parking area from the weeds! Sigh.  Maybe, this month.

Last night the "fam" went out to Blue Springs for their fireworks display, what a lovely night it was!  Very comfortable-it's always great when the heat doesn't affect your enjoyment.  The display was 30 minutes of BIG fireworks, I especially like the chrysanthemums and the waterfalls.  As Tanya says we girls like our "bling" even in fireworks!  The boys shot off a few little fireworks here at the house before we went and poor Zoe did not like it when Tanya set off the string of fire crackers, she made a bee line for the house and took me with her!  She tolerated the big display really well though.

Rob has headed home from California.  He has an interview here on Friday, with Sprint.  All fingers and toes are crossed here!  He still likes the beach but he can vacation there, and our cost of living is less here in the heartland so he might be able to afford that vacation.  It will be good to have him back, I missed him.  I miss Steve and Scott, too, sometimes it's almost unbearable!  I really love it when we can all be together, such a fun group!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day!

Celebrate Independence Day!  Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!