Tuesday, June 14, 2011

As requested the gardens from a distance.

Jilly has asked for a "zoomed out" view of my gardens so I'll try my best.  Blogger has changed something in how you can move photos around and I get a bit crazy!

My house from across the street-the curb appeal photo!

The garden to the right of the front porch from the drive.

Everyone's favorite part of the garden-my bench and pots!

The left side garden, this is full of ground cover roses in pink and peach.
The garden on the east, very green at the moment.
The hill garden, also very green.  I put this in because it was too steep to mow!
I really like the way these look this year, even though most of the plants are not mature yet.

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sweet lemonade gal said...

Thanks for the different view. What a beautiful yard and gardens you have...love the bench area too;-)

I do believe you have stated you mow your own lawn?? Wow. I used to mow my Mom's and since the Anemia there is no way. Lots of good exerise though.

blessings, jilly