Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday in the Gardens.

This is what's blooming in my gardens today.  The blooms of Bleeding hearts, Buglewort, Clove Pinks and shooting stars have already passed!  Too bad.
Coral Bells in Pink
and Red 
Sweet Woodruff's tiny white blossoms!

These tiny purple bells are taking over!

Pink Poenies

Purple sage

Purple chives

one very odd tomato blossom!
There was a photo of the daisies as well, don't know what happened to it!  Still getting used to I-photo.  In the end I may have to go back to Picasa, also Blogger is making it very hard to move things around again, what's with that?


Anonymous said...

Wow Gail, I knew you did yard work, but didn't know you had such a lovely garden. I so miss gardening...someday.

blessings, jilly

a good yarn said...

All so pretty! I especially like your peonies. Ann :-)