Sunday, February 27, 2011

Whatever have I been doing?

Not blogging that's for sure!  I think all the snow has finally gotten to me, got another 4 inches last Thursday but it is going fast today with the thunderstorms that have been rumbling through!  The neighbors behind us have small ponds and creeks where there should be grass!  I live on the hill. Today, I finished the first sort of forty years worth of photos, whew.  Where once there were rubbermaid totes of photos now there are 6 photo boxes, organized by decade (or half-decade if there are a lot of pics) and then by year.  Tomorrow I will take a box and sort again, putting all the photos of one event together and getting rid of duplicates or really bad pics, then I will label the box better and put it up on the shelf.  When that is done I can mark that much of a BIG project off my list with glee.  I also baked Vienna Bread today, it is very yummy!  In fact we have already eaten one whole loaf.  This one is for tomorrow night's Italian-garlic bread.
 I am actually looking at the end of two other rather long term projects:  one is a gift for my MIL which I am hoping will be finished by Mother's Day and the other is the input of all of my Mom's recipe cards into Word so that I can print out copies.  I did this with all of mine several years ago and continue to get requests for a copy of "Mama Gail Cooks".  I should finish those up in the next week or so.  It will be nice to have something done, at last.
I'll leave you with this lovely bud.  I'd say it was a sign of spring. . .except it's an Amaryllis bulb!  It should have bloomed in December, sigh.  I guess I'm making progress, the past two years it has bloomed in June.  I have two bulbs and both have buds right now.  I'll post a photo when they open, they're spectacular!

Well, I'm off now for an evening of wild . . . stitchery.

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Anonymous said...

How funny about your Amaryllis bulb. I had some Iris' that only bloomed in the fall, never spring. Your right about the photos, that will be a huge job out of the way. I was shocked at now little I had left once I started tossing the bad photos. Why do we keep those???

Your killing me with the bread. Soon, very soon I will finally made a loaf or two.