Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I don't think I've ever truly been snowed in to the point we couldn't get out but after the trip to the mall to get Tanya I think that's where we are!  I had trouble getting up a very small hill on the way out, gave Rob the experience of traveling up hill sideways!  Getting back in, however, I didn't think we'd make.  More sideways travel and I just drove into the drive instead of backing in.  I don't think we CAN get out until the storm is over, and the plow comes along or we have a lot of traffic on our street.  Judging from the state of the main arteries of our town (and the fact that Interstate 70 is closed)  I'm doubting we get out before Thursday.  My next vehicle will have four wheel drive! We are safe and warm, that's what counts.  It was odd driving at 3pm and seeing all the stores closed.  The fury of nature is certainly something to see, on occasion, a rare occasion.

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