Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's melting, a little.

I feel guilty even talking about our snow after seeing what the same storm dumped on Chicago and hearing about how much snow is in New England but for us this is A LOT of snow.  Nine to ten inches this last time, it's hard to tell with all the drifting.  I know Columbia got more.  The snow removal on Tuesday was horrible, even the major arteries, like Noland Road, were bad and some, Lee's Summit Rd-a snow route, hadn't been touched at all.  Yesterday, they got in gear though and while I haven't been out in the truck lately they plowed my street 4 times yesterday.  Rob and I shoveled and used the snow thrower to clear our sidewalk, drive and parking area as well as Jill's next door.  It was slow going even with the big snow thrower I have.  It will be along time before all this is gone but anywhere pavement is showing it's melting, at only 16 degrees F I'm amazed it's melting at all. 

Rob is making Chili for dinner tonight and with that we will have eaten our whole menu plan of soups!  On Tuesday we had beef stew and biscuits, last night it was baked potato soup and dinner rolls.  I think tomorrow might be leftovers!  I made Ice Box rolls like my Mom always made, yum.  We lived next door and sometimes she would call to see if we wanted to eat rolls with our dinner, I didn't care if we were having tacos the answer was always YES!

I've been doing some sewing and quite a bit of reading so I am not bored by being inside.  I'm reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and finding it VERY thought provoking and helpful-funny at times too.  The blog is fun and interesting as well, there's a link on my sidebar.  I hesitate to recommend self-help books as what helps one person doesn't always help another but you might try it, an easy read anyway.


Anonymous said...

Hasn't this been a snowy winter! We are getting another dusting today. A bit of shoveling, a late start for school, then no more snow in the forecast until Monday, phew. Maine is typically snowy, but 12+ inches a week for 5 weeks straight is a bit much!
Hope you are surviving comfortably.

Karen said...

I like the sound of all that yummy food and enjoying time to read and quilt.