Thursday, January 20, 2011

Two in one day!

Wow, two posts in one day!  Unbelievable!
First:  Homestyle White Bread with Poppy seeds
I'm taking advantage of my sudden desire to bake, no one is complaining!  This one has a nice texture, is soft both inside and out, and tastes good.  So far, I haven't tried one that tastes a good as my Granna's Sponge bread.  Believe me these all will be eaten!

I have spent the past two days re-arranging and re-ordering my office/sewing room, again.  This is the third time, sigh.  Hoping it's the last.  The problem is I have a 10 foot square room with windows on two wall and doors on the other two and a ton of "Stuff."  I took out the 6 foot table and brought in two 4 foot tables so I would have a table to cut on and one to sew on, and I gained room for the little sewing table I got from Dad or my big ironing board.  I just got tired of running into another room to "square up" or press!  I'm down to only some little piles on my desk.  Scott says my desk has never been without piles, he's probably right!


Anonymous said...

Monday!!! Yes, Monday I am baking bread. Mr. Wonderful is off and he said if I bake him bread, he will paint the walls!!! Yippee!!! I believe I am getting the better deal.

Both breads look delicious.


Karen said...