Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thoughts on John Adams

I have just finished John Adams by David McCullough.  A well researched, well written biography of our second president.  I certainly learned a great deal about John and Abigail as well as John Quincy and Thomas Jefferson.  One of the thing I'm taking away is this:  the old saw about "No matter how things change they still remain the same" is true.  Abigail said "Heaven help us."  when Thomas Jefferson was elected president, as did I when "W" was elected (both times) and John bemoaned the lack of civility of the Congress in their behavior towards John Quincy, who was then president.  I think you could bemoan that now as well. 

It was an interesting read, not light by any means, but I like a good biography more and more the older I get.

Here's hoping your day is great.

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