Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Update!

 Brayden wearing his "headlight," each of the boys received one to wear in their boys only "cave" under Brayden's bed.
 Kolby is crazy for silly bands, I think he put on most of an entire package!

 Kolby opening a new "bass Pro"  truck and trailer.  I could not believe how many ways that thing was attached to the box!
Brayden with his Dragon Castle.  It was a pretty cool toy on Christmas!
Brayden opening his V-tech "reader" Kind of like a Kindle for kids.  Alas, he did not receive the I-pod he asked me for.  The boys, made out like little bandits!  It took Kolby until 7:30 Christmas night to finish opening his gifts, mostly because he wanted to play with everything and would not open another gift until he had!  (Do you know how hard it can be to get a toy out of the package?  Especially when a nearly two year old is helping?)

I am lucky to have children who spoil me!  I only have to mention that I am thinking of buying something and it appears under the tree!  This year that included a food saver and bags (no more freezer burn), an indoor grill/griddle, and a lovely jewelry case.  On Christmas we had our traditional blueberry coffeecake for brunch, then snack foods through the afternoon followed by chili for dinner.  It was a very leisurely day!  The day after Christmas, Scott and Bri joined us (more presents) and we had our big dinner of Steak and Shrimp.   Then in the evening we were able to Skype with Steve, Candice and Nora.  I think all had a great time, we did all agree that the boys had too many gifts!

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