Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Of denim quilts

The first photo is of the completed top for Rob's new denim quilt. It's laying out on my queen sized bed so you can tell it's big (approximately 90x97 inches.) I bought the fleece for the backing yesterday, a solid royal blue. I also bought flannel for binding but think I might self bind it and use the flannel for another project- like backs for the never ending flannel rag quilt number 2.

The second photo is a close-up of some of the blocks. It will be a very sturdy quilt, also heavy but not as heavy as some of the others I've made as I put batting in those as well. Someone asked me why-my answer "because I thought I was supposed to."

Wrist and hand getting stronger every day but must still baby it. I haven't tried a needle yet, maybe tomorrow.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I spent the day away from home again yesterday, something I haven't been doing much of lately but am hoping to change. Not too much but some. I had the bandage off the wrist (yeehaw!) and the stitches out. Everything is as it should be, only a little swollen and very black and blue. it will be a few more weeks before it is completely healed but at least I can wash my hands! After the visit with the good doctor I had lunch with Larry's pals from Embarq, it was good to see them again. I had gotten to know this group pretty well so I missed them. We had a good chat and shared some memories of Larry and his antics. He was such a goof! Then I hit some quilt shops-didn't buy anything:(, but did get some maps of Great Britain, Ireland and Australia so I can now find where Toowomba is! But I couldn't find North Rocks:( More research is needed! After dinner I went to watch Brayden's gymnastics class-very amusing. He's pretty good, and they have a definite progression they are teaching designed for skill-building without scaring them to death.

I have finished sorting the photos by decade-I think. Took a lot of photos out of frames as I decided it wasn't really necessary to have a family photo on display from when Rob (28) was a baby! I am trying to be very deliberate about things and it would be so easy to be over run by photos. Tomorrow I'll start on the 2000's sorting into years and events. It will be the easiest since it's most recent.

Next up today I'm going to press denim strips and sew them together for Rob's top. I alternated lightish and darkish squares so there will be a pattern of sorts. His idea was to "just sew them together." On Sunday Joann's is having fleece 50% off so I'll go buy the backing/batting for it and the other two smaller quilts (also denim). I hope that next week I can push the needle through the 2 layers to tie it. He seems quite anxious to have it. I'll post photos when it's bound.

Kelsey and I are adapting, she seems a bit unsettled by Charley's absence I am unsettled by having only one dog in the house. We'll get there.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Running free

Fines Bonnie Prince Charley
Catching frisbees with Larry

While I had very good news about Charley's cancer week before last each day he became worse and worse. He could not eat or drink, could barely walk as his balance was so bad. Each night I would go to sleep hoping he would be better in the morning but yesterday I realized that it was time to let him go. It was a hard decision, and a hard task but he is in a better place. I am crying but I will be okay. I'm sure Larry called him home (I told him to!) and that they are having a great time with a frisbee.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Okay, not so bored

So the last two days I've been sitting at my sewing machine stitching together denim blocks. I'm a little over half done, I think. I'd like to have the blocks done tomorrow and begin stitching the rows together so I think I'll sew a bit more now. I watched the opening ceremonies of the Vancover Winter Olympics last night, truly amazing! It is sad for the athletes, friends and family of the young man who died on the luge. It terrifies me just to watch the luge! Have never been a big fan of the summer games but I love the winter ones, I've been checking in today watching speed skating etc. Hats off to the Canadians for a great Olympics! Wrist continues to improve just a twinge now and again, the worst of it now is that it itches! I know, I know, that means it healing.
Have a good weekend.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A little more movement

So today I can hold a pen in my hand and use it to hold things still. (I opened cans with my left hand, I do not have an electric can opener. Don't want one either.) I sorted some photos and wrote on the backs the approximate date-well year anyway. I'm currently dividing them by decade. Don't laugh it's been a long time since I worked with these. Sadly, I have a ton of graveyard photos that I didn't label and at this point I don't even know what county or graveyard they are from. They are in Missouri, this I know. When the decades are done then I will divide them up by years, hopefully. I want them in the photo boxes at least. I am tossing out all negatives as I plan to scan them into my computer and put them on cds-it will be easier to share that way. I am doing some typing tonight with both hands--so much faster. Tomorrow I think I will try to push fabric into the sewing machine. The worst part, so far, is how boring it is. One always thinks just sitting around for days would be lovely, it's not. I kind of knew that before, one reason I never wanted to go on a cruise.

Hope everyone had a delightful day. Stay healthy.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Just a couple of quick updates as one handed hunt and peck typing is exhausting. Surgery yesterday went well. I requested and received less anesthesia so I did not feel icky like last time. There is a small amount of pain, not enough to take meds but enough to remind me not to use that hand. I am bored already.

On another topic, Charley doesn't seem to be improving. I started him on an anti-inflamatory and perhaps he hasn't had enough yet but he must be carried over the three steps to the yard, down he can come in on his own. He isn't eating much either. I will give him until next week then if there's no improvement I'll call the vet again. I had such high hopes that he would get better once the other meds left his system and he isn't loopy just unable to move freely. I'm glad in a way that I can't toss a frisbee left-handed so we aren't tempted to give that a try. We'll just have to wait and see.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Of the best laid plans

Scott and Bri gave me a gift of a manicure for Christmas (I enjoyed my first one last year) and I have been waiting for the right time to use it. I decided I would get it today so it would stay pretty for a couple of weeks while I can't do much with my right hand. So I did. I really like the process of a manicure being pampered and the way my nails look even without polish so this next part isn't all that awful. I waited and waited after my lovely french manicure and was careful not to touch, stick my hand into things etc for 2 1/2 HOURS. You'd think that would be long enough for polish to dry but the first time I used my fingers I totally screwed up three fingers on my right hand! Sigh. Next thing up is to remove the polish so I won't look dorky for a week or so. Oh well, the nails will still look nice! Next time I'll just book a plain manicure keep my nails short and have her put some clear coat on!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Brayden's birthday!

My oldest grandson, Brayden, turned four yesterday! I can hardly believe it. I have to change my profiles now! He had a big party with both sides of his family and made out like a bandit! A new bike from his Mom and Dad was an especially big hit. He also got more money for his gymnastic classes--I started him out for Christmas and he really likes it, and helps him burn energy. I think his Mom took him to the toy store for some spending today and she mentioned that she only has three months of him riding his bike in the house! What fun.

Cutting and stuff

The past couple of days have been spent at my cutting table in the extra bedroom as there just isn't room in my sewing room. I'm having a carpal tunnel release on my right wrist on Tuesday and not knowing just how long it may be before I can push on a rotary cutter has me cutting several projects. The fabric on the table is for gift bags for the coming Christmas. I am changing things up a bit there. The stockings will still be hung--not by the chimney as I haven't one upstairs--but not filled. I got frustrated this past year by the whole stockings and gifts under the tree thing. The children especially like the stocking gifts (I spend a lot of thought etc on them) so I'm expanding on that idea and putting all their gifts into a large gift bag. I can get larger and more things that way, more fun all around. I also cut the fabric for my Irish chain bed quilt, fabric for a bedskirt, some flannel backs for the rag quilt and some burp rags. After dinner I will cut more shirts up for the memory quilt. I finished cutting denim last week so I should be pretty well set! I figure I'll be able to push fabric through the machine after a few days. This wrist will be more trying for me as I am totally right handed! As Rob says my left hand is stupid! Wish me luck.
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Really Good Day! Miraculous in fact!

This is Charley, one of my Sheltland Sheepdogs. Last March Charley was diagnosed with bladder cancer and I was told it was terminal. He began taking an anti-inflamitory medication to maybe control it but I was told 6 months would be a gift. This was especially hard because Larry was terminal then as well. Charley has been acting loopy, for lack of a better word and our vet wanted to check his urine for blood etc. So bright and early this morning we were off to see the vet. I was kind of expecting to be told that I might need to put him down soon. What a surprise. Charley's tumor hasn't grown and shows no signs of growing nor could the vet find any cancer cells in his urine, not only that his blood work came back completely normal and his cataracts aren't any worse. I would wonder about the diagnosis except we had the mass biopsied and both his urine and the biopsy read by a pathologist. My lovely vet, Dr Buckaloo, said he had never seen anything like it and even used the word "miracle." Charley goes medication free for a month as one of the side effects of this drug in humans (we're the ones it was created for) is going a little loopy. I am hoping he returns to a more normal state. I cannot tell you what a relief this is, he is such a sweet guy and the two of them keep me company (especially valuable right now) and help me meet new people where ever we go. It seems that folks just can't resist gorgeous, sweet faced shelties!
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